Cut log and fern leaves

To the forest!

I was a bit torn on Sunday. It was hot so I wanted to lay on the sofa all day. But I also really wanted to walk up to the forest. With only a few hours left of the weekend, I decided the latter was a better option. As I walked along the road, I noticed something flapping about. From a distance it looked like an injured bird so I waited for the cars to pass and went to have a closer look. It wasn’t a bird, it was a whole birds nest!!

Birds nest on bench

It was in perfect condition too. The outside was made from woven twigs and moss, the inside was lined with soft sheep fleece. From the looks of it, the nest was never used. I carried on walking up to the forest with the nest in my hand, determined to get it home in one piece.

Footpath sign

Cow feeder in field

Cut log and fern leaves

I sat on this bench for a while to cool off, eat dark chocolate and photograph my birds nest. Everything had grown so much since I last visited.

Bench in the forest

Fern lined forest path

Part of the reason I like this walk so much is I feel off grid. There are few (if any) people and plenty of shady trails. Most of the forest has gravel paths but I prefer walking off the beaten track. I got lost this time but I had chocolate and water in my bag so I knew I wouldn’t starve to death.

Shaded forest floor

This is one of the best views of the whole walk. My photo doesn’t really do the scale of it justice though.

View over trees and ferns

Bright green fern leaves
Love this shade of green

Sunny forest path

Shaded forest trail

Brown butterfly on flower
Ringlet butterfly (I think!)
Orange butterfly on leaves
Comma butterfly

Yellow and purple wild flowers

Meadow in the sun

I’m glad I got my butt into to gear and went out. I walked for nearly 3 hours and saw all of these nice views! The only thing missing was Scott.

2 comments on “To the forest!

  1. Beautiful photos Gemma, I love the way the sun and shady areas contrast with each other. You will have to take Scott next time 😘 xx

    • Gemma Evans

      Hopefully we can get a few more forest walks in before the Summer is over 🙂

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