Trevallicks Farm Shop

Trevallick’s Farm Shop

It’s no secret I love a visit to a farm shop. No two are the same, so you always discover something new and each one is filled with fresh local produce. Good cake is guaranteed. What’s not to like!? A few weeks ago we were visiting family in Cornwall and they took us to a farm shop called Trevallick’s for breakfast. Located just outside of Liskeard on the edge of Bodmin Moor, the shop is surrounded by green hills and beautiful Cornish landscape.

Cornish groceries on shelves

The shelves were stuffed full of local goodies including biscuits, tea, crackers, cider, honey, jams and homewares from local crafters.

Jars of Cornish jam on shelf

Jar of wild flowers
Wild flowers

This glorious sight is my veggie breakfast. Toast with proper butter, tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, vegetarian sausages, tomatoes and scrambled eggs. Lovely!

Cooked breakfast on plate
Trevallicks breakfast

There is something that makes Trevallicks a bit special. PIGS! Assuming you haven’t spent every last penny on things from the shop, you can buy a bag of pellet feed for 25p.

Feed the pigs sign

You load the pellets into the wooden truck and then crank the handle to move it to the end where the food gets tipped in.

Countryside views

Wooden pig feeding box

Pig feed pellets in hand
Pig pellets

When the food falls into the pen, the pigs come along and chomp their way through it. Some of the smaller ones were a bit slow to sniff it out; me pointing and saying “it’s over there!” with raised eyebrows didn’t help much. Pigs don’t speak English do they?

Me feeding pigs
Kune Kune pigs
Middy pigs eating feed
Kune Kune pigs

People feedings pigs

If you’re heading to Cornwall any time soon, add Trevallick’s to your list of places to visit!

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  1. Ahhh piggies! *resists all mention of bacon sandwiches*

    This place looks great and I know what you mean about the guaranteed good cake – it’s the one thing I check everywhere I go !

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