Tall trees in the fog

Up before the animals

On Saturday Scott announced there would be fog on Sunday until 11am (he’s not psychic, he has a fancy new weather app) and suggested we go for a walk. My first thought was the forest! We’ve lost the ability to have a lay in even at weekends so getting up in time was guaranteed. With bleary eyes we rolled out of bed at 8am; half an hour later we’d eaten breakfast and shut the door behind us.

Down the road is a meadow which leads to the edge of the forest. Thick, cold fog hung low over the grass. Everything was so still and peaceful. We were out exploring before most of the animals I think.

Foggy stream

In no time we were surrounded by trees and snapping away.

Tree silhouettes in fog

I still want to live in the forest one day; perhaps in a clearing so there’s enough light to grow things (and by things I mean veg!). Or at the very least, on the edge of a lake with the forest behind our cabin. Scott fancies living on a Norwegian Fjord – I wouldn’t need any persuading on that one. We can dream!

Brown ferns and tree silhouettes

Mist in the trees

Man with camera in the fog

Towards the end of our walk the sun came out and lit up the fog. The photo below reminds me of an alien abduction scene from the X-Files!

Sun behind foggy trees

A walk in the forest on a cold day with a camera and backpack filled with homemade brownies is a great way to spend a Sunday. More days like this please Autumn!

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