Illustrated boat on postcard

Vintage Danish postcard

Last year I translated a couple of vintage Swedish postcards I found in an antique shop in Stockholm. Delving into the past was good fun so now I always keep an eye out for more postcards to translate when I’m on holiday. I bought this old Danish postcard from a market in Iceland. Originally, I wanted to find an Icelandic postcard but I loved the design of this one!

Illustrated boat on postcard

The postcard was sent from Klim (Denmark) to Copenhagen in 1915. The ship on the front appears to be a steam powered passenger ship. I tried to find the artist but unfortunately there are no initials on the illustration.

Sent to

Sir [unknown] Thorarensen
Amagertorv 10 4 SE
Kobenhavn K

The building at this address is now a Georg Jensen shop.


Danish writing on postcard

Danish writing on postcard

Any words in capital lettters are those I haven’t been able to read or find a translation for. The handwriting is quite hard to read in places.

– Klim Juleu 1915

Klim 1915


– KJORE Stefan og Oddur ju rigtig gledelig jul samt et godt nytaar. Inskes eler begge fra os

Stefan and Oddur* are having a pleasing Christmas and New Year.


– Jeg HAABER I gave det godt SELU jeg ikke rask det OR gammel mavesyg LOM SAIN blevir norre met farene jeg HAW ONART ingen mad toale.

I hope the gift is good. Someone is unhealthy with an old stomach problem or stomach upset. There was danger.


– Tak for bladene I lave SEUDT mur det maget siden jeg lar et mogen/nogen det orย intresant at LADSE lidt og hor fra sit gamle hjem ELERS FADRLOKRIVR da ojeldent korlig hilsen til jer begge

Thank you for the plant (or leaves). It was interesting to see someone’s old home.



From yours, Hege

My translation is quite crude so I’d be forever grateful if a Danish speaker could help with the translation. I’d love to know what this postcard says!

2 comments on “Vintage Danish postcard

  1. DEAR stefan etc. Wishing you both a really good Christmas etc. SELU is SELV, which means self. As in: I’m not well, my old stomach problems are worse. Dear greetings to you both.
    It’s interesting to read about ONE’S OWN old home.
    Yours sincerely, Tante Solveig.

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