Frosty purple sage leaves

A visit from Jack Frost

Jack Frost has been out to play. Our sheltered garden doesn’t see frost very often, but when it appears we know it was a cold night. I made a quick dash around the garden one morning this week and snapped these photos. Happy to see some proper cold weather at last — whose with me?

Frosty hydrangea petals
Hydrangea petals
Frozen campanula leaf
Campanula leaf

The bird bath was frozen to the core. I tipped some hot water on to melt the ice and two hours later, it had frozen over.

Leaves in ice
Frozen bird bath
Ice in pot
String pot
Frosty buddleja
Frozen green leaves
Geum Queen of Orange leaves
Frost covered marjoram
Frosty oregano leaves

The sage has been covered in frost for two whole days; I think it looks better this way.

Frosty purple sage leaves
Purple sage

How have your gardens faired in the frost? Our clematis is almost bare and the lemon balm has gone black but everything doesn’t look too bad at the moment. Once Winter tightens its grip I’m sure it will start to look quite bare.

Don’t forget to put some food out for the birds, they need our help at this time of year.

Hope you’re all keeping warm!

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4 comments on “A visit from Jack Frost

  1. these are great. frost always makes for good pictures. i’m with you. our fall has been just an extension of summer in a way. it was a lot colder last year!

    • It does! When I opened the curtains and saw the frost, I was out there like a shot before it all melted. I’ll keep my fingers crossed you get photo worthy frost soon 🙂

  2. Oh my I remember that morning, it was -6 degrees on the school run! Annoyingly I didn’t get out that morning to take a single shot though. So it’s been extra lovely seeing your shots – and that frosty hydrangea! Swoooooooooon!

    Big thanks for the Christmas card btw 🙂

    Thanks for joining in again spoon buddy!

    • Yes, it was bloomin cold. I was going to head out for an early walk that day but didn’t get my butt into gear — I’ll be ready for the next one 🙂 There wasn’t much left in the garden so I was lucky to get these photos. Glad the card arrived!

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