Whitsand Bay beach

Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

We spent Christmas in Cornwall this year. Lots of fresh air, country lanes, pastry, clotted cream, clotted cream oh and did I mention clotted cream? In between eating cream and pastry we found time to do some exploring at Whitsand Bay.

View of the ocean over wall

The houses on the edge of the bay have this beach as their back garden. Imagine looking out of your back window and seeing the ocean every day.

Christmas tree and garden overlooking ocean

Had to laugh at the dogs in this van on the road down to the beach. The one on the left even has its paw on the steering wheel! Three cheers for anyone who can think of a pawsitively pawesome photo caption!

Three dogs in a van window

The beach was icy cold that day. Clear blue skies are nice but I have a soft spot for blustery, wintery beaches and the cool colours of the sea and sky. Deserted beaches also make great photos.

View over the rocks on the bay

We all joined the beach at the same point but ended up walking our own routes in all directions. It’s quite interesting to stop and have a look at what everyone else is doing to keep themselves amused. I had waterproof shoes on so I followed Graham to the sea then headed for the rockpools in search of crabs and sea creatures.

Rocks on the beach

When I got to the waters edge the waves looked really big, almost taller than me. Thankfully the rocks were breaking the them up or I’d have been swimming with the fish!

Big ocean waves and rocks

Scott’s Mum and I ended up walking towards eachother and she pointed out that all the rocks were different colours. I’d been so preoccupied with the rockpools and view out to sea that I hadn’t even noticed what the actual beach looked like! I’m glad she pointed it out.

Wintery sky over ocean

That bright blue speck on the left is Scott exploring. He told me he found a WW2 military bunker!

Rocky beach

Tummies were starting to rumble so we headed back up to the Whitsand Bay Hotel for a late lunch. We gave our arteries a break from the cream and had chips instead.

View over the beach

This dog was laying on the floor in the lobby. Look at those big eyes; I couldn’t resist a photo and he was more than happy to lay there with me snapping away.

Dog laying sleepily on the floor

Exploring places like this with my camera makes me really happy. Does anyone want to pay Scott and I to be full time adventurers?

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24 comments on “Whitsand Bay, Cornwall

  1. Photo caption for the doggies: “With this traffic we are never going to get to the park on time”… although knowing where we were I don’t think traffic would really have been a huge issue for them.

  2. Whenever I think about living by the coast I always bring myself back to reality by thinking that in winter it would be awful. Looking at your photos I’m thinking more like ‘exhilarating’ but I do suspect it would still be far too windy for me! I think the dogs are looking at you and saying, “Blinking tourists! Can’t escape them at any time of year!”

    • Haha, I think they were! Exhilarating is a good way to describe it, I can imagine they get a fair amount of wind and rain blowing in off the sea.

  3. yup, want to live there. so beautiful!

    • I always consider myself more of a forest person than beach person but I think I could live overlooking Whitsand Bay 🙂

  4. Well, if you manage the full time adventuring, can we join in too 🙂
    Such gorgeous images of the beach-I want to jump in the car and head off to Cornwall now. And I love the dog, such a sweetie. It sounds like a wonderful break all round.

    • Yes, there could be a whole herd of us! I fancy a walk along the beach today, shame this place is miles away 🙂

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to go to Cornwall (thanks to Joan Aiken and Susan Cooper books). What a beautiful place to spend the holidays.

    • Thanks Andrea. It’s a beautiful part of the country, hope you get a chance to visit 🙂

  6. I’ve always cherished the idea of one day living somewhere with a beach view and wow that’s a good one. Your shots really remind me of the Big Sur coast in California, I could handle living there too!

    • I’ve spent a good few minutes drooling over photos of Big Sur coast – WOW, what a place!

  7. Your photos have reminded me of the absolute beauty of the sea coast and beaches even in the winter. (I do so miss them). Want to now be wandering along those sandy shores and then have…clotted cream. As for caption (love that shot) – perhaps… “Go faster – we need to catch those cats!”

    • Excellent caption! 🙂 We don’t live anywhere near the coast, so going to the beach is a treat. Despite eating clotted cream for a whole week, I still want more…

  8. A lovely space to explores, those colourful rocks are fab

  9. Gorgeousness, these make me want to head back to to Cornwall, eat pasties and swig local gin (and there is some GOOD gin).
    There’s a little row of houses by the beach here, clad in slate and all with super gardens which are so interesting but I am always too shy to poke my head in and ask if I can take photos. I must get brave. I always love the thought of how they wake up in the mornings, pop the kettle and look out of the kitchen window to see the sea.
    Those dogs in the van crack me up 🙂
    So glad that you have had a good Christmas – and thank you for joining in again x

  10. It looks like a cold and windy day in your lovely pictures. I did giggle at the dogs in the van 🙂 the other dog photograph is beautiful x #HDYGG

  11. Oh I am so envious – I adore Cornwall and have always wanted to spend Christmas and New Year there. How lovely to have the sea as your back garden! Great shot of the dogs in the van. Super photos. x

  12. gorgeous photos! makes me wish i had gone to florida to visit my parents for christmas. the one of the doggies is hilarious. 🙂

  13. Canine Caption:

    “Cor, look at THAT poodle – those pompoms can’t be real can they?”

  14. Beautiful photos – hope you had a fab time and are managing without clotted cream 🙂 love all the dog photos too – the cheeky ones and that sleepy one at the end. Happy 2015 #hdygg

  15. It’s blown the cobwebs away just looking at the photo’s, Gemma! Gorgeous. Can’t beat a blustery day at the beach. What a sweet dog too, although I do have a soft spot for labs 😉 x

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