Whittled herb spoon

Our Christmas tree, Limmy II, keeps on giving. After whittling our butter knife I had enough wood left over for a small project. Since we were visiting Scott’s Nan in Spain this month, I made a wooden spoon for her herbs and spices.

Roughly carved wooden spoon

Whittled spoon before sanding

I remembered to take a ‘before’ photo this time! You can see how chiseled the spoon looked before sanding — there is something I like about it though. Perhaps when I improve I’ll be able to carve spoons to a point and leave them looking rustic rather than unfinished.

Wooden spoon standing on end

Small whittled spoon

Carving such as small spoon was tricky and I fumbled around a fair bit. The knot in the drop between the bowl and handle was hard and the only way to shape it was to shave off a wafer thin layer of wood with each stroke of the blade. Slow work paid off though because it ended up nice and smooth.

Grain on wooden spoon

Layers of walnut oil really bought out the knots and grain in the wood. Dot is lucky she got this spoon, I wanted to keep it! 🙂

If you are a whittler and reading this, do you have any advice about the best places to find wood for carving?


  1. that spoon is gorgeous and i hope it was a much loved and treasured gift. i never have the patience to start or finish projects like this, i envy your skill

    • Thank you! I tend to get completely absorbed in what I’m doing, then all of a sudden it takes shape. Lovely process.

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