Windowsill garden update

What a difference seven days makes. Our kitchen windowsill garden has come alive! A week ago the buds on the hyacinth were tightly closed and the daffodils were only just starting to open. This is what they look like now.

Sunny windowsill with plants

Saturday bought sunshine. The plants were pleased; I was pleased. Warm light was just what these hyacinth bulbs needed to help bring out the amazing scent in the flowers. I wish you could smell them.

Hyacinth on windowsill

Hyacinth Delft Blue

Hyacinth flowers

A few years ago I remember hyacinths (along with hydrangeas) were seen as a bit of an old lady’s flower. Now they are back in fashion; Instagram and Pinterest are full of muted, stylised photos of these plants. Long may it continue!

Opening hyacinth buds

Closeup of hyacinth flowers

I picked up a second pot from Waitrose; this one is pink. Hopefully it will flower just as the blue one finishes.

Sun on hyacinth leaves

Daffodil stamen

Does anyone else find the smell of daffodils a bit hit and miss? The last bunch I had smelt a bit like wee. Thankfully these don’t.

Drooping daffodil head

Tall daffodils

This post feels like a slight cheat because it’s the same as last week but a bit more colourful. If it’s rainy and dull where you are I hope these photos have bought some colour to your day.

P.S. I finally took stock of our seeds and ordered a few more: borlotti beans, broad beans, sweetcorn, chilli, mixed cornflowers, Cosmos ‘bright lights’, Papaver rhoeas ‘Mother of Pearl’ (floppy poppies) and sweet basil.


    • So was mine until I put the plants on the windowsill! I moved the clutter either side to take the first photo.

  1. I love the vase full of daffodils. i bought some tulips the other week but sadly they only lived a few days, the cut hyacinths lasted much longer and they fragranced the air beautifully

    • Tulips are something I never buy, I’ll pick some up for a change next time I want some flowers for the house. Thanks for the idea 🙂

  2. Ah yes, my hyancinths are out and smelling lovely now too! Makes a big difference especially in those areas that you spend a lot of time – now every time I make a cup of coffee I see and smell them all lined up, one pink, one white, one purple 🙂 Good times!

    I do like the jolly colour of daffodils but I’ve fallen out of love with them a bit this year and I’m not sure why. Maybe I am just too hydrangea mad these days…

    Totally am!

    Hope all is good in your hood and Gemma?


    (thanks for joining in again!)

    • I’m glad; it’s really disappointing when they have no smell! I would have liked a white one too but the person in front of me bought the last two. Greedy.

  3. Beautiful, your windowsill looks very much like mine. I love adding some colour inside when outside is brown and muddy x

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