Sun shining on daffodils

Winter is dead

Yellow daffodils in the sun

“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
“Winter is dead.”

Daffodowndilly by A. A. Milne

Sun behind daffodil petals

I found the Daffodowndilly poem on Annie’s lovely blog and now when I see big patches of daffodils I think to myself ‘Winter is dead’. This week especially so. The sun has been shining, everything is looking greener and the barometer on the shed read 20c on Tuesday! Scott and I decided to make the most of the weather with an ice cream and a walk to find lambs.

Daffodils at the roadside

The banks by the roadside were covered in daffodils and a carpet of Celandine.

Carpet of yellow celandine flowers
Celandine flowers

We cycled to this field on Sunday and only saw two lambs. In my mind, the field would be full of bouncing, fluffy lambs within a matter of days! At first it looked like nothing had changed and then we spotted this little family in the corner of the field. The lambs can’t have been very old because they had wet cords attached and the mother had a big one hanging out of her – bit of a shock to see when you’re not expecting it! She was cleaning them whilst they tried to balance on their very wobbly legs.

Two young lambs with mothers

Young lamb with mothers

Some of the sheep looked like they were about to pop so I don’t think it will be long before more lambs arrive. Yippeeee!

Female sheep facing camera

We didn’t spot this one snoozing in the shade by itself until the mother started calling and it woke up.

Small white lamb

The sun was making us hot and sleepy so we started a slow, lazy walk back home.

Peacock butterfly on blue hyacinth
Peacock butterfly on hyacinth
Pink magnolia buds in sun
Magnolia buds

Lately we’ve been neck deep in diy and home improvements so haven’t had a chance to do much exploring. It was good to finally get out and walk one of our favourite, less trodden routes.

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20 comments on “Winter is dead

  1. Oh my goodness, those lambs, just too cute!
    So many beautiful signs of Spring, fingers crossed it’s here to stay

    • This is the first day where it felt like Spring has properly arrived. It’s nice to see everything coming back to life again.

  2. Winter is dead! I love the title! Such pretty spring filled pictures, they are lovely x #hdygg

  3. hooray for the death of winter! these are so spring happy Gemma they make me want to skip with a basket and pigtails!

  4. Oh there is just something about lambs and then I remember what daft animals they grow up to be! That second picture of the ewe and her newborn is fabulous though – the look she is giving her offspring is so powerfully maternal. Nice flowers too – especially the celendines which I adore.

    • She was keeping a very watchful eye on them, lots of cleaning and snuggling. It was lovely to see!

  5. So darn cute. I went a little mushy at all the lambs, a sure fire sign that spring is well under way #hdygg

    *implodes with the fluffy*
    Oh my oh my LAMB LOVE!
    There I was going ‘oo daffs’ and ‘ahh celandine’ and then BAM – lambage!

    This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in AGES – thank you SO much for sharing x

    *tries not to add final time honoured foodie suggestion involving mint sauce*
    Hot smoked salmon fillet on a beds of lambs lettuce?

    • Haha! I’m going to keep going back to check on lambing progress, I won’t be satisfied until there is a whole field of them bouncing around. Love salmon, but I think I got you back with those tasty looking biccies today. Muahahahaa!

  7. Gorgeous shots, Gemma. I love that daffodil quote! Those lambs are especially cute, and I bet they are enjoying this Spring sunshine – I know our calves are at the farm 🙂 Hope the DIY is going well, and here’s to lots more fresh air and nature walks x

    • Being born into warm sun and green grass must be a nice way to come into the world. Do post some photos of your calves!

  8. This made a little tear creep into the corner of my eye, it is so beautiful, thank you Gemma ☺️

  9. so lovely to see signs of spring being marked by new life

  10. i love that poem! i’ll have to use it next year and keep up the tradition. 🙂

  11. How cute are those lambs (gory bits aside)? Yay to winter being dead too! Lovely photos x #hdygg

  12. I see lots of talk about newborn lambs at this time of year but never that newborn!

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