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A gift for Ellie

This time last year one of our friends had just had a baby boy and my best friend was about to have a little girl. I don’t know how time has passed so quickly but they are both one already! We bought a couple of presents but I also wanted to make something for each of them that no other child would have. So I sewed some fabric bunnies. This bunny was for Ellie. I made another one but I ended up finishing it the night before the birthday party so I didn’t have time to take any photos before I wrapped it. I was really pleased when I was told he hugged it straight out of the wrapping paper.

Retro floral bunny toy

The retro fabric is from a 1960s maternity dress I bought from a shop called Radio Days (I blogged about it here). I’ve had this fabric in my stash since May 2013, waiting for the right project to use it on. It was perfect for this because it’s colourful and Ellie’s mum likes retro fabric as much as me – if we’re honest kids toys are just as much for the parents aren’t they…

Pink felt bunny ears
Felt ears

The bunny has a few sensory areas: felt ears and paws, a wooly pom pom tail, french knots for eyes and nose, an embroidered letter E and a smooth ribbon next tie.

Pom pom bunny tail
Pom pom tail

Wonky embroidery alert! I was teaching myself on the job and although it has a few quirks I was pleased it looked like the letter ‘E’. Oddly, my first attempt on the previous bunny turned out better despite drinking a couple of glasses of wine beforehand. There’s a lesson there.

Embroidered letter E
Letter embroidery

These handmade labels were a birthday present from Scott’s grandparents. They says “Hand made with love by Gemma”. A nice touch to add to homemade gifts.

Rainbow handmade tag
Hand made sewing labels

I can’t give you a link to a sewing pattern as it’s one I put together myself.

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4 comments on “A gift for Ellie

  1. Awwwww!!!! Adorable Gemma x

  2. Awww!!! Thanks gemma she loves it!… And I love it!

  3. What a lovely gift. You are right about toys being as much for the parents too. I’d love the pdf pattern when it’s ready. I’ve just recently started sewing again.

    • Thanks Claire 🙂 I’ll send you a copy of the PDF when it’s done. Might take a little while but I’ll get there!

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