Leaf covered country lane

Through the eye of the Pronto

I recently dusted and sorted the camera collection and found an Agfa Silette Pronto (type 4, 1958). The most used cameras had shuffled their way to the front of the shelf and I’d forgotten all about this one.

I’m fairly sure it belonged to my Grandad. Apart from a few scuffs, the camera still looks like new and sits in the original brown leather case. I had no idea if it still worked so I shot a test roll of film and this is what came back…

Leaf covered country lane

You can tell it took a while to finish this roll because the ground is still covered in leaves!

Door with porch

Man walking down country lane

Church door

White horse

The horse has called these fields home for as long as we’ve lived here — and has an appetite for coat sleeves and scarves.

Man and horse

Christmas tree on cobbled street

Something a bit more festive. The lion statue on the left is famous for not looking like a lion…

Trees along river

Country view out of window

Now I know this camera is in good working order, I’ll be taking it further from home 🙂

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