Alpaca in field

Alpaca watching

A few weeks ago a note appeared in our local post office from someone asking to borrow a field for alpacas. Their home was waterlogged and they needed somewhere else to stay for a while. Not long after that they were camping out down the road. I’d never come face to face with an alpaca before so I grabbed my camera and headed down to the field.

Alpaca walking in field

A group of them lay sunbathing at one end of the field. Occasionally popping their heads up to look at passing cars and gracefully flopping back down on the grass again.

Group of alpacas in the sun

This one was lapping up every last drop of sun, completely oblivious to everything else. I love the totally contented look on its face.

Alpaca with eyes closed in the sun

Not all of the alpacas were dozing. The white one kept gently nosing the brown one but it didn’t budge.

White alpaca nosing another laying down

I left them in peace and walked a further down the field to another group. I spotted a few celebrity lookalikes. The alpaca below looks like Derek Zoolander doing a blue steel.

Curious looking alpaca

This one has hair like Tina Turner.

Hairy alpaca

I can’t quite put my finger on this one, someone with mutton chops perhaps?

White alpaca in the sun

Alpaca with grass in mouth

After a while they ran to the other end of the field and started to eat. As they tucked in to their lunch I decided it was time to go home and get mine – easier said than done when your leg has been wedged the other side of a big ditch for fifteen minutes.

Group of alpacas running

Group of alpacas in field

On the way home I got talking to a couple who had been stood at the other end of the field and they told me alpacas can spit at people! This week someone else told me they’d seen alpaca meat for sale locally. A bit of a sad thought, I’m hoping this lot will become fluffy jumpers instead.

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3 comments on “Alpaca watching

  1. their little faces are so cute – surely they don’t spit at people – I know camels do perhaps alpacas have been confused with camels?

  2. Aren’t they cuddly? I kind of want to hug one… That said, yes, I think they are not actually very friendly and, if bothered too much, will spit at you so a safe distance might be the way forward.

    The Zoolander reference (and the Tina Turner one) made me chuckle – you are right, there really is an uncanny resemblance! 🙂

  3. They are just my favourite things EVER!

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