Evening sun on building tops

Around Hay

We spent a couple of days in Hay, a small town at the tip of the Brecon Beacons National Park. After a long car journey, we checked in to our room and set off in search of hot chocolate. I don’t usually feel the cold all that much but for some reason, it got in my bones that day and I really needed a hot drink.


Mugs of hot chocolate
Hot chocolate

I love the warm light shining down on these old buildings!

Evening sun on building tops

Book in shop window

Hay is full of book shops (in fact, it’s famous for them). And when there is no shop, booksellers fill shelves in passageways instead. We found a great bookshop called “Murder and Mayhem” which only sold crime books — they even had a body outline on the floor!

Books in passageway

Fluffy dog
I want this scruffy dog!

The Old Electric Shop is one of my favourite shops. It’s crammed full of old, quirky, handmade and locally sourced goodies. Plus they have a great little cafe serving the best hot chocolate in town (that we’ve discovered so far, anyway).

Shop interior
The Old Electric Shop
Woman with mug
Hot chocolate in The Old Electric Shop
Worn book cover
Patina on an old book

More lovely light on the clock tower. This clock chimed every 15 minutes all through the night — the reason I have sacks under my eyes in the photo above.

Orange light on clock tower
Hay clock tower
Glow from shop window
The Old Electric Shop

When the sun sets, the windows of Hay glow warm and bright. Seeing everyone looking cosy indoors is one of my favourite things about this time of year.

Old street at night

View over hills

The views on the way home were too good to miss, so we pulled over in a layby and I ran up to this spot with my camera. It would have been good to get up into the hills but that’s a good excuse to go back again…

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4 comments on “Around Hay

  1. Looks really beautiful, love all the old shops I should think it will look fantastic at Christmas time xx

    • Gemma Evans

      I think so too, especially as all the dogs would probably have Christmas jumoers on!

  2. I love Hay! The countyside in the Wye Valley is definitely amongst my favorite, and the range of bookshops is brilliant. I keep meaning to go into The Old Electric Shop but haven’t yet. Hot chocolate’s a good incentive, though! Glad you had a nice stay.

    • Gemma Evans

      You’re right about the countryside, there were great views all around Hay. It has a nice buzz for such a small town! Hope you like the Old Electric, their breakfasts and lunches are great too 🙂

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