Purple flowers in grass

Around Stockholm, April 2021

April was a good month for snow flurries. The perfect transition for people like me who aren’t ready to say goodbye to the snow just yet.

Everyone seems to be moving slower now Spring has arrived — presumably because there is less need to rush around to stay warm! Small dogs are walking on their leads rather than being carried inside the coats of their owners. More chairs and tables are being lined up outside cafes now that sitting outdoors is no longer a game for the brave.

Snow falling outside
April Bakslag
Cat looking out of window
Watch cat

Red glove on branch

Woman laying in the sun
Sun nap

Spring sun worship is in full swing! I have now joined the Swedes in standing looking up at the sun with my eyes closed. Outdoor exercise classes have returned and people are flocking to sunny benches for socially distanced fika.

Purple flowers in grass

Pink flowers
First cherry blossoms / första körsbärsblom

Spring doesn’t get much better than cherry blossom! I sprained my foot and had trouble walking so Scott did a couple of reccies to check whether it was in bloom — which eventaully happened on the day I was able to walk down the road again. Hooray! It’s nice to see everyone excited by something as simple as pink flowers.

Man dancing with bells
Dancing with bells, Drottninggatan

Krishnas dancing in the sun at Drottninggatan. They looked so happy and their music travelled all the way down the street. A contrast to the lone preacher stood around the corner with a microphone, telling everyone they were going to hell.

Man dancing with drum
Hare Krishnas, Drottninggatan
Customer tokens
Covid measures – take a patch per person
Wash hands sign
Wash your hands for 30 secs / tvätta händerna i 30 sek
Face painted on bin
The happiest bin

Red shoes

Yellow benches
Costa Del Stockholm
Building decor
Gamla stan
Fish van
Fish van / fiskbil
Rainbow over grass
Rainbow / regnbåge

The rainbow photo was taken on an evening we went for a walk without coats and came to regret it. April Bakslag is in full swing… warm sunshine earlier that day and more snow the day after.

People walking in snow and sun
April Bakslag… snow
Pink flowers against sky
Körsbärsblom / cherry blossoms
Bee on pink flowers
Bee on cherry blossoms / bi på körsbärsblommor

Lastly, more cherry blossom because there’s no such thing as too much. Hooray for Spring! And the last days of Winter that keep bouncing back and giving us a few more opportunities to drink hot chocolate.

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  1. Tina Evans

    The blossom reminds me of your wedding day 🥰

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