People walking in snow

Around Stockholm, April 2022

Stockholm looked pretty lifeless after the snow melted. On the other hand, it was more alive than it had been in a long time. Warmer weather and no pandemic restrictions meant people fully emerged from hibernation!

People walking in snow
Snö på Norrmalm

As you can see, we had a cold start to the month. It was warmer overall but the wind was still like ice. Spring felt like it was nowhere to be seen at this point.

Seagulls on wall

Woman wearing inflatable penis
Hen doo
Rows of sweets
Lördagsgodis / Saturday candy

We discovered the optimum time to buy lördagsgodis (Saturday candy)… first thing in the morning before all the kids move in like a zombie hoard. I picked up chocolate and a few sweets but realised I don’t enjoy eating sweets very much, other than a few favourites.

Yellow Ukrania square on floor
Ukrania / Ukraine
Fuck Putin in spraypaint
“Fuck Putin”
Colourful flags hanging
The Flag Project, Sergels Torg

These flags are part of an art project called The Flag Project, by Jacob Dahlgren, in collaboration with school students from around the country. It was nice to see so much colour and creativity in Sergels Torg (usually very grey).

Cluster of purple flowers

Trees were still bare but flowers started popping up along the shore. These are called Blåstjärna, which means blue star in English.

Man laying on bench

Row of cherry blossom trees

Cherry blossom season arrived at the end of month! Bysistorget above is close to where we used to live. The next photos are from Kungsträdgården, which has two long rows of trees with large canopies of flowers. It’s beautiful but gets very busy because it seems to be the top place to have your photo taken at this time of year.

Women standing in front of cherry blossom
Körsbärsblom på Kungsträdgården
Woman photographing daughter
Sellers in carpark
Parkering loppis

This is the first car based loppis we’ve been to — people usually just show up on foot at designated spots around the city and put up a table. A challenge because you can only sell as much as you can carry. Swedes love a loppis so we never have to wait too long or walk far to find one.

Cycle lane
Grön våg / green wave (traffic system)
Man trimming flowers

I love this flower stand at Mariatorget. You can’t see it in the photo but they also have a large area of potted plants on the right. I couldn’t walk past without a quick look when we lived on Södermalm.

Cherry blossom against wall
Closeup of white flowers

And that’s all for April!

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