Man in suit with dog

Around Stockholm, August 2020

Stockholm has been deserted for most of August but that has started to change this past week. People are returning from their Summer cabins and staycations. Even Gamla Stan, which has been a ghost town for weeks, is now filled with more people than pigeons for the first time in a while.

Goose in the sky

Same sex traffic lights
Same sex traffic lights for Stockholm Pride
Man in mask
Masked man

I’m really pleased with the man in a mask photo. I didn’t have to long to get the exposure right because a floor cleaning machine was creeping into the shot. Got it just in the nick of time!

Man looking at a market stall

Most loppis were cancelled due to Covid but they’re slowly reopening one by one. I’m glad because I love rummaging through random stuff to find treasure! So far I’ve found block prints, an old Swedish photo album and some illustrated postcards.

Woman carrying wooden bear
Woman carrying a wooden bear
Pressed flowers
Loppis finds

We found a whole box of these pressed flower pages at the weekend. They appeared to be a set of botanical studies from 1929 and the creator must have put a huge amount of effort into them. I couldn’t think of anyone to buy them for but someone bought a few as we stepped away, so hopefully they’ve gone to a good home.

"Saving for a tesla" tip jar
“Saving for a Tesla or a cute Shiba Inu”
Woman sat on bench
Cooling off in the shade
Empty fairground
Deserted Tivoli
Neon retro diner sign
Retro Diner neon

Man taking photo

Crayfish shaped bread
Crayfish bread

Man in suit with dog

A smart looking pair. The corgi kept an eye out for the bus while their owner was preoccupied.

Security staff on segways
Security on segways
Parking sign
Perfectly placed parrot
Social distancing sign
Loppis social distancing
Cyclist with shadow
Pedal power
Men playing chess
Chess players at Kungsträdgården

Kungsträdgården has several chess tables tucked under the trees. Some people are there to play chess, others are there for the ice cream…

People sat at chess table
Chess players at Kungsträdgården

Bicycle lettering

View through empty boat
City boat

This is a boat we took to one of the other islands. We’ve been avoiding public transport where possible but the boats are great because they are mostly empty, there is space to stand outside and the whole journey can be completed without touching anything.

Dog in lap at restaurant
Lunch buddy
Bench in trailer
World’s worst portable bar
Group of people on scooter at a crossing
Scooter brigade

Erotic sign on cupboard

Couple cycling

Baker in window

People in photography gallery

I didn’t think I’d taken many photos this month but it turns out I have! We’ve managed to do quite a bit of exploring on foot and helped keep local ice cream shops in business 😉 The heatwave has finally ended and the night temperatures are dropping. Hot chocolate season isn’t far away now.

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