God Jul neon sign

Around Stockholm, December 2020

Light has been the theme of December and ironically, it’s one of the best things about this darker season. Christmas trees, glowing paper stars, festive window displays, outdoor lanterns, advent candles and string lights framing windows and balconies. All good things when Stockholm hasn’t seen a single hour of sunlight in almost a month. Daylight hours are a blueish grey light that doesn’t feel like actual light at all. It’s fascinating but I won’t bang on about it now; that’s another post waiting to be written.

Man playing trumpet
Salvation Army

^ This photo was taken at the end of November but I’m including it because it documents the last day of sunlight. I would have basked in it for longer if I’d known! The sun almost crept as high as the hoizon today but didn’t break through the cloud. Seeing a low glow in the sky was still nice though.

Yellow and orange buildings
Gamla Stan / Old Town

Tall mask on rock

Pink windows in heart shape
Folksam building
Table of gloves and masks
Masks, gloves and hand sanitiser in shop entrance
Man holding a puppy
Spot the puppy!
Woman standing on pavement
Social distansering / social distancing
Blurred coloured lights
Ghost in the city

Line of Christmas trees on street

Planes in tree formation
Julgransflygning / flying Christmas tree

The Swedish Air Force fly across Sweden in a Christmas tree formation each year. This is the 2020 julgransflygning over Stockholm! Each jet has a light underneath but it’s not visible at this angle. There is a video on the Försvarsmakten site (at the bottom) if you want to see them flying in formation.

Blurred yellow lights
Julgrans / Christmas tree
Giant lit reindeer
Ren / reindeer
Candle lantern on a wall
Lykta / lantern
Box of mistletoe
Mistel / mistletoe

Man unwrapping Christmas tree

Christmas tree sellers are dotted around the city in parks, courtyards and markets. A mini fire pit wins this person some bonus points because I haven’t seen one anywhere else.

God Jul neon sign
God Jul / Merry Christmas

Blurred colourful lights

Star hanging in window
Tall Christmas tree
Julgrans / Christmas tree

Blurred yellow and purple lights

The city may be covered in lights but like everywhere this year, it’s lacking a festive buzz. Many restaurants are empty, there are no Christmas markets and people are focused on distancing rather than togetherness. But we will make the best of it and wait for the day things start looking up.

God Jul från Sverige! / Merry Christmas from Sweden! x

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