Marzipan pigs

Around Stockholm, December 2021

December brought the first significant snowfall, the darkest day, stacks of golden lussebullar (saffron buns), skating rinks, bottles of glögg in supermarkets, blue light in the mornings, popup Christmas tree sellers, amaryllis and wind that blows through to your bones.

Snow covered park

Snow covered tram tracks

Snow on gate

Bikes covered in snow

Snow was forecast but we weren’t expecting this much. I was so happy!

Bench overlooking snowy park

Falling snow

View of buildings on the shore

Boxes of clementines
Klementiner / clementines

There are so many lovely cakes, buns and biscuits for sale at this time of year. Many of them pig shaped! We bought a chocolate dipped julgris (marzipan pig) to embrace Christmas the Swedish way. I thought I’d miss mince pies but I haven’t at all (Sweden wins on festive sweet treats compared to the UK).

Marzipan pigs
Julgris / Christmas pig
Pink and blue sky
Vintersolnedgång / Winter sunset

We had a handful of amazing Winter sunsets. December days are very short, cloudy and dark at 2:30pm, so colourful skies feel extra special.

Woman in mask

People walking off boat
Pendelbåt / commuter boat
Man eating on a boat
Takeaway dinner on the boat
Snow on ski slope
City ski slope

Old lady reading

View through boat window
Getting around the city by boat

Old man and young woman

People on skating rink
Skridskoåkning / ice skating
Scary Christmas dolls
Nightmare Christmas
People grilling hotdogs
Grilla korv / grilling hotdogs

Unproven science… cold air makes the smell of hotdogs stronger. There are shops and carts all around the city and we often see people huddled around public grills — they unload buns and sauces, cook hotdogs and drink coffee from large flasks.

Orange, yellow and blue building
Kakel / tile

Ice warning sign

These Se Upp flags mean “beware” and are flipped down after heavy snowfall or when there is risk of falling ice — usually before the roof sweepers arrive and shovel away the snow and ice. It’s a common sight in areas like Södermalm and Gamla Stan where there are many older buildings with slanted roofs.

People walking on lit street
Vinter dagsljus / Winter daylight
Tall flowers in boxes
Kapamaryllissläktet / amaryllis

Amaryllis are one of my favourite Winter plants, aside from hyacinths. Supermarkets are well stocked with potted amaryllis bulbs at a reasonable price and most florists stock these cut stems. The cut flowers are really beautiful and available in unusual (to me) colours like cream, burgandy and coral pink.

Christmas tree on bike

Seeing someone transport their Christmas tree by bike, on a boat, was definitely a first.

And that’s all for December!

2 comments on “Around Stockholm, December 2021

  1. Such beautiful photos Gemma! I love this glimpse into life in Stockholm in Winter – all that snow! I’d love to visit one day but for now will be transported by your photographs 🙂

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