Water covered in ice

Around Stockholm, February 2022

I sat down to write my monthly recap of city life but couldn’t remember anything I wanted to say. My mind has been too preoccupied with world events lately. However, it’s easy to remember that February gave us longer days and blue skies.

Snow covered water
Stadsfärja / city ferry

Ice and snow still covered large areas of water, with the exception of narrow channels through boat routes.

Man in a wooly hat
Dressed for the weather

Red bike in the snow

Ducks feeding on ice
Ankor på Tanto / ducks at Tanto
Row of concrete lions
Stockholmslejon / Stockholm lions

Tray of red shellfish

People with blankets on laps

Enjoying fika under blankets while it was still sub zero. I love how people in Sweden (young and old) just wrap up and embrace the cold rather than hiding away.

Dog sat on train seat

Rows of boat seats

Cross and pillars
Uppståndelsekapellet, Skogskyrkogården / Chapel of the Resurrection

I visited Skogskyrkogården on Alla Helgons dag but we made a recent trip because Scott had never been. It’s a large forest cemetary and Unesco World Heritage site, with chapels dotted around the grounds.

The photo above is from inside Uppståndelsekapellet (Chapel of the Resurrection), as I saw it through an inch wide peephole on the door. Skogskappellet (The Forest Chapel) is my favourite one but I couldn’t get a decent photo this time. It’s small, rustic and tucked in the forest; somewhere I like the idea of my funeral service being held when the time comes.

Chunks of ice on water
Is / ice

Sun shining on ice

Water covered in ice
Södra Järnvägsbron

The boat slowly made its way through ice at Södra Järnvägsbron before grinding to a halt. I love this photo because it shows the expanse of Winter here.

Stop Putin sign
Stockholm standing with Ukraine
Ukranian flags and signs
Stockholm standing with Ukraine

People all over Stockholm gathered to peacefully protest against the war in Ukraine.

Row of doors
Gamla Stan

Boat tour sign

Man gazing at painting

Orange Volvo

Sun shining on woman's face
Soaking up the sun

And that’s all for February!

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