Cyclists on road

Empty Summer in Stockholm

My favourite film camera is broken at the moment and I missed shooting film so took the Olympus Trip and Lubitel (medium format) for a spin around Stockholm instead.

View of water

Bending tree

We stood here during our very first week in Stockholm. I remember us walking along the shore talking about feeling anxious because we had so much to do, and feeling equally as excited about our future in Sweden. Fast forward a few months and we’re chatting about how much we’ve done and all the things we are happy with. What a difference a few months make!

Rush hour cycling at Slussen

I didn’t notice the guy on the left was shoeless at the time.

Cobbled streets
Gamla Stan

One of the busiest areas in the city (Gamla Stan) deserted due to Covid. I doubt there will be many other occasions where we’ll have the opportunity to walk along these old streets without seeing another soul.

Man watching fountains
Man sleeping
Nap time
Old rooftops
Rooftop view

I never get bored of this view. Scott looked out the window to see what the seagulls were squarking about and one of them dived at him! They wake with the light… at 4am… eugh.

Raindrops on window

Man eating pizza
Pizza in the park

This photo was taken during the heatwave. The temperature inside the house was getting pretty unbearable so we decided to get a takeaway pizza and eat in our local park. The perfect people dodging meal out.

Skate park
Kungsholmen skate park

Cyclists on road

You can see how quiet the city is at the moment. It’s not hugely trafficy here in general (by UK standards) but this particular Sunday was exceptionally quiet. Most people take several weeks off during the Summer, smaller shops close and very few tourists are visiting at the moment. We are still being cautious but the emptiness is making it easier to explore.

Chaos sign

Somewhere, we saw a ‘blend in like a local’ sign that included complaining about the Slussen construction. So every time we go through Slussen, one of us says “bloody Slussen construction ey?”.

One side is fenced off because the shore is being redeveloped and a gold bridge is being installed — it was constructed in China and shipped to Sweden whole! I found a video of it arriving (0.10). A gold bridge might sound a bit tacky but it’s muted rather than shiny, and the colour sits really nicely with surrounding buildings.

Brick arches
Stockholm Stadshus

I love the tree growing in the Stadshus courtyard. Nothing ever changes but I always like to poke my head through the door when we pass.

Queueing cyclists
Rush hour
Cycle path
Cycle path

Dog crossing

I tried to capture the dog looking at the camera but it turned away at the very last second. Everyone but the dog was looking in the end, d’oh.

Hope you enjoyed the photos!

2 comments on “Empty Summer in Stockholm

  1. Michael Johnson

    I really ejoyed your photos and text of Stockholm; especially in black and white, its very nostalgic.

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Michael, I think that’s one of the reasons I love black and white photography so much.

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