We all need help sometimes! Tack tack.

Around Stockholm, January 2023

January was a month of julstjärna disappearing from windows, big coats, blue light in the mornings, people ice skating, sun breaking over the horizon, Semla in bakery windows and an ongoing wave of violence across the city.

Lights on bridge

Apartments in the trees

Woman on scooter with heart balloon

Varje °C räknas sign
Varje °C räknas

Varje °C räknas ads started appearing around the city — it means every °C counts. The signs were encouraging people to turn down their heating and reduce hot water usage. Our energy situation was strained because hydro rivers in the North froze, weak winds reduced turbine output and two of our nuclear reactors were offline for maintenance… all at the same time.

Cykel drive-in sign

A bike drive-in at a bakery… I’m sold!

Row of bulbs in pots

Grass covered railway tracks

Stockholm saw a wave of regular bombings, shootings and other violence throughout the month (sometimes several in a single evening). It was reported as gang related and ~180 extra police were called in as reinforcement from other regions. We walked past a bombed restaurant on Södermalm and saw cables and insulation hanging down from the ceiling, and boards over the windows. It was sad to see in a city we love so much, and call home.

Cat sitting on carpet
Java Whiskers cat café Stockholm

We all need help sometimes! Tack tack.

Tobak sign
Tobak . Godis . Chips . Frukost / Tobacco . Candy . Crisps . Breakfast

Dog sitting on tram floor

There is usually something to see along Drottninggatan — most often the preaching man or Krishnas playing music. This time it was chalk artists drawing flags of the world.

Men drawing with chalk on pavement

Chalk flag drawings

Cykelbutik sign

We didn’t spend much time out and about in the city during January; our spare time was more focused on resting and enjoying our apartment after a busy few weeks.

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