Pug in a bike basket

Around Stockholm, July 2020

Despite the rain, we’ve spent quite a bit of time walking around the city this week. I feel like I’ve adjusted to the hum of lots happening around me, and now I’m seeing the interesting things rather than busyness. And I say busy but Stockholm feels quiet compared to somewhere like London (even before the pandemic). City life here is good.

These photos are a mishmash of all the things

Segels Torg
75" inch TV
75″ inch fun

Watching these people with a seemingly impossible task of loading giant TV (75″!) into their car was good fun. It was touch and go to begin with but they did it eventually.

Look at that size of that, they’re never going to get that in there, oof, almost, almost, it’s in!, blimey, they’ve got to get that back out again at the other end.

I resisted the urge to cheer out loud at the end!

Pug in a bike basket
Lazy rider

Pink roses

There are lots of nice plants and flowers around at the moment!

Single pink rose

Empty beer and wine bottles
How to bullshit a bullshitter
Fox light
Guard fox

I peep through a fence to check on the fox every time we walk past this construction office. He wasn’t there this time; I’m hoping he just needs a battery change because I’ve got used to seeing him around.

All colours are beautiful sticker
All colours are beautiful

City through a window

People on scooters
Running man v. scooters
Dried flowers on ground
Covid-19 memorial

These flowers are from a Covid-19 memorial at Riksgatan. From what I can tell, they’ve been laid in honour of the elderly in care homes.

Sticker on lampost
All you see is crime in the city
Cashless society

Sweden is basically a cashless society. I haven’t carried any since arriving, and many shops and restaurants display “no cash” signs on their doors. You can pay people like buskers and flea market sellers with Swish (phone app) instead of cash. I feel like I’m living in the future. And I chuckle to myself when I think back to carrying lots of change around carboots in the UK.

Line of protesters
Protest at Kungsgatan
Protester in mask
Protesting in Covid times
Sparrow on table
View down street
Wash hands poster
Tvätta Händerna / wash your hands (Anders Tegnell)

That’s all!

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