Fish shapes sign

Around Stockholm, July 2022

July was very quiet because most Swedes were taking their four week Summer break — many leave the city and venture to Summer houses or rural areas of Sweden. It was another very warm month with lots of sunshine and colour. An uptick of tourists also stood out because we’ve spent most of our time here while global travel has been restricted due to pandemic.

Dog watching girl eat ice-cream
Begging for ice cream
Sun shining through trees
Kvällssol / evening sun
Flags on poles
Stockholms Stad flag

Rows of boats

Rows of apartment windows

There’s something I really like about this curved apartment block along Tanto. At a quick glance, all of the windows look the same. But when you take a longer look, you begin to notice small variations like window awnings and plants on balconies. I’m also a sucker for repeating patterns on concrete monstrosities.

Water temperature sign
Badtemperatur 21°C / bathing temperature 21°C
Women wearing matching outfits
Tvillingar / twins

I recently bought an oversized white shirt. It’s not a colour I usually buy and I thought I’d made the decision all by myself. I later realised I’d been influenced by the fact it’s practically a national uniform during the Summer. They are very comfy and practical in the heat though!

People at market stand
Rows of scooters
Voi scooters
Nordströms sign
Nordströms, Liljeholmen

View of water through tunnel

Men sunbathing nude
Fish shapes sign
Nystekt Strömming

Buildings along the shore

We spent quite a few evenings cruising around the city on our bikes. I love cycling on bridges connecting the islands because you get a great view of the archipelago.

Boat sailing on water

Cyclist in poncho

Building under bridge

Pots of pickled cucumbers
Pop-up restaurant
Plåt Parken

Raised bridge road

Raised bridge

Tree lined street

And that’s all for July!

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