Dog looking through doorway

Around Stockholm, June 2023

June was full of heat, heat and more heat. As well as graduation trucks, sunbathers, Swedish strawberries, long days and short nights, Midsommar ads, floral dresses, rambunctious seagulls, queues at ice cream shops and bright pelargoniums.

Two girls sat on bus with rollers in their hair

The photo of these girls with heads full of rollers is my favourite from the month. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time, with a camera to hand. These kinds of fleeting moments are the ones I love capturing the most.

Closeup of flowers
Södermalm pelargoniums

Pillars of bright geraniums appeared in various streets around Stockholm. You really know Summer is here when that happens.

Flowers on pavement outside shop

Dog sitting in bike basket

If we ever get a dog, I want to pedal it around on a bike like this!

People walking across patterned paving
Sergels Torg

Ornate door sign with two fish

Man reading book on sunny bench

People on a sandy beach

People flocked to beaches and waterside green spaces; some sunbathers, some swimmers. I really appreciate how good the water quality is here because it means we have so many bathing spots to choose from.

Seagull sat on a lamp post

Air conditioning unit at door

Sweden is not set up for hot weather (it excels at cold thankfully) and so air conditioning is uncommon. Many people started using these portable cooling units when the heat arrived, and dangling the ventilation tubing out of doors and windows.

Hot air balloon in the sky

View of daisies from ground level

These prästkragar grow where geese nest each year. It’s a great spot — a small beach sheltered by trees, with wild daisies growing all along the bank. A good place to be a goose.

Boat and kayaks in lock
Sickla Sluss
Dog looking through doorway
Jättefint hund <3
Student in lorry
Studentexamen 2023

We saw a steady stream of these graduation trucks for several days. They blast out music while all the graduates jump around in the back — you hear them coming long before you see them.

Students partying in lorry
Studentexamen 2023

The banner above made me laugh because it says something along the lines of  “the student can confidently Ctrl +C from Wikipedia” and “the student can get extensive help from ChatGPT”.

Dog sat on train platform

Laughing woman with rose in her handbag

Swimmers standing on wooden jetty

And just like that, June was over!

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