Balloons on walking stick

Around Stockholm, March 2022

March was a month of continued cold, creamy buns, colourful påskris (twigs with feathers on), grit dust, noticeably more light, daffodil bulbs on doorsteps, melting ice and a cocktail of ALL THE WEATHER.

Sun shining on reeds
Frozen archipelago
Cream buns on a trolley
Fettisdagen / Fat Tuesday

Fettisdagen (Fat Tuesday) is one of the best days of the Swedish year! A time to stuff your face with delicious Semla — cardamom buns filled with almond paste and whipped cream. We walked up to our local bakery and they had a trolley full of them outside… and even more inside. This was a nice moment because not only did we walk away with buns, we also did a good job speaking Swedish.

Balloons on walking stick
Ukraina ballonger / Ukraine balloons
People and silhouettes
Sergels Torg i vår / Sergels Torg in Spring
Old tram on road
Gammal spårvagn / old tram
Man holding Ukraine flag
Sergels Torg

Regular Ukraine invasion demonstrations have been taking place at Sergels Torg. There are also smaller signs of support all over the city; lighting in blue and yellow, flags and graffiti.

Welcome refugees graffiti
WAR – Welcome All Refugess
“Stop Killing People You Fucking Twats”

Women in old street

Ducks sitting on ice
Ankor på is / ducks on ice

Covid testing bus

Man wearing blue jacket

Box of letters
Hötorgets loppmarknad

During Summer, we quite often visited Hötorgets loppmarknad on a Sunday morning. The mornings have been much brighter so Scott suggested we go and have a look around. One of the sellers had a large box of letters and from what I could tell, Swedes moved to America and spent many years writing to their Swedish relatives. I bought a few to translate as I was curious about their adventures.

People in sun with closed eyes
Soaking up the sun

The amount of Swedish sunflowers is growing. Capturing three people stood in a row, with closed eyes, felt like some sort of unofficial achievement.

Colourful feathers on twigs

Easter is just around the corner, which means påskris is everywhere. Buckets of these colourful feathers attached to branches can be found at most florists and supermarkets. I’ve seen a few muted shades (like you’d expect from Scandinavia) but most of them are very bright! They aren’t something we buy though… we stick to the påskgodis (Easter candy).

And that’s all for March!

4 comments on “Around Stockholm, March 2022

  1. Ah Fat Tuesday sounds AMAZING!
    I 100% need to coincide a visit with that in 2023 😋

    Lovely photos as always Gemma, the light there is fantastic 😍

    Miss you lots bacon face xx

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks banana chops 🙂 The good news is they sell Semla from ~February onwards, so there are plenty of opportunities! We’ll eat buns for breakfast, lunch and dinner when we get together again. Miss you too, as always. xxx

  2. Beautiful photographs ❤️

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