Dog sat on owners lap

Around Stockholm, March 2023

March was a month of bitter cold, the return of seagulls, semla, piles of påskgodis, tulips, snowstorms, colourful sunsets once again, light mornings and blue evenings.

Posters taped to a wall
“Be Our Voice”
Sun setting behind buildings
Solnedgång / sunset

Dog sat on owners lap at a table

Tray of cream buns
Rosendals Semla

Trays of delicious semla filled the windows and counters of bakeries. Me and Scott are still divided on which shop sells the perfect semla — he likes them sweeter, and I prefer less almond paste with more nuts.

Dog looking at cake
Eyes on the semla

This dog waited so patiently for a lick of cream!

Total Kontroll ad
En del av total kontroll / Part of total control

SAAB ads for “total control” started appearing; a sign of the times we’re living in. If you’re wondering why, it’s because their products contribute to Sweden’s total defence strategy — which also includes military conscription, civilian duties and a bunch of other things.

Dog stood next to owner
Väntar / waiting
Man singing and playing instrument
Stockholm Krishnas

We bumped into the Krishnas along Drottninggatan (usually there or Gamla Stan). Wet weather didn’t stop them from sharing their music and they even had a plate of chokladbollar this time.

Pink skies over the city
Solnedgång / sunset
Dog sat on owners lap

I love photographing dogs around the city and March gave me so many good opportunities. This sausage dog on a boat is the best; it looks very happy about the whole blanket on lap setup.

Woman sat side by side
Vegan sticker
“Have a heart! Live vegan!
Couple grilling food
Winter grilling (hotdogs and sausages)

Woman walking with hood up

So much snow fell during March!! After a brief moment of sunshine, we were back to big coats, hoods and hats. The wind blowing in from the archipelago actually hurt my face at times (so cold it took my breath away). That said, I’m comfortable in the cold and always happy to see snow, even at this point in the year.

Snow covered boat jetty
Boat jetty

Person walking on snow covered path

People wearing hoods

Woman cycling through the snow

We haven’t cycled at all this Winter. Next year, we’re planning to get snow tyres fitted so that we can continue adventuring for longer. Neither of us have ever cycled in snow and ice, which I’m sure will be a steep learning curve.

City woman with walking poles

Quite a few people navigate the snow and ice with walking poles at this time of year. Our kommun does a great job gritting and ploughing paths but I imagine the poles add some extra speed and stability. It’s quite amusing to watch people move around the city like they’re skiing.

Snow falling with boats in the background

Snow on rocks by water

Woman pushing pram in the snow

Snow covered road

That’s all for March!

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