People walking in the sun

Around Stockholm, May 2021

May brought the smell of bbqs on balcones, leaves on the trees, blankets of pollen, the sound of seagulls mating, hot sun with cold wind, people zipping around on bikes, vaccination posters and longer days (midnight sun arrived in Northern Sweden).

People walking in the sun

Woman standing in cherry blossom branches
Körsbärsträd / cherry trees

Cherry blossom was one of the best bits of month. People flocked underneath the trees to take photos of eachother, newborn babies, dogs and even horses. The trees you can see are just a handful of the 10,000 Japanese Sakura planted across Stockholm.

Archway of pink flowers
Körsbärsträd / cherry trees
Sign with people bumping elbows
Elbow greeting, Covid

I realised (even more) what a weird place the world has become when bumping elbows is the new way to greet people.

Dog sitting on the floor

People in masks on a tram

Dried flowers on windowsill

Tulips wrapped in paper

Florists are spilling out onto streets all over the city. It feels like Stockholm has finally woken up from its long Winter sleep.

Dark cloud over buildings

This photo was taken on the day we walked to a hardware shop without coats. It was really muggy and as soon as I saw that apocalyptic cloud, I knew we were in for a wet walk home. Thunder started rumbling and of course, the rain waited until we set foot outside. A few of us tried to wait in the exit but we were all shooed away due pandemic restrictions, so the two of us sought shelter in the carpark…

Raindrops in puddle

Woman with face to the sun
Soaking up the sun

Waiting ages for a takeaway pizza gave me a chance to do some people watching. This lady stopped to soak up the sun with her eyes closed for a little while and then carried on walking. It’s funny to see so many people doing this when the sun first comes back; it feels like the world is half on pause. We once saw a whole family sitting on a bench zoned out like this.

People boarding a boat
Commuter boat
Covid-19 posters
Covid-19 vaccination posters

Vaccination posters are plastered everywhere at the moment and it’s nice to see them in so many other languages. Fingers crossed it helps people find vaccinations and feel included in the program, whatever language they speak.

Dog in shop doorway
Dog in Porslinspapegojan
Purple flowers
Lila / lilac

Love love love the smell of lilac. It always reminds me of visiting Tantolunden for the first time, where the trees grow against Falun red wooden fences and buildings.

People sat on a jetty

White blossom in the sun

Boats on water

That’s all for May!

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  1. Beautiful, thank you for sharing 😊

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