Headlights shining on person

Around Stockholm, October 2020

October has been a good month for night walks. I say night walks but darkness arrives by 5pm so it’s not like we’ve had to venture late! The trees have lost their leaves, julstjärna have started appearing in shop windows, city dogs are wearing their safety lights and many people have reflectors hanging from their bags and coats.

Cat hanging out of window
Watch cat
Busy street
Busy streets

Man sitting with dog

Man standing with bible and cross
Preaching man, Drottninggatan

We see this preaching man almost every time we pass through Drottninggatan. Some days he just has a Bible, other days he brings a large wooden cross with him.

Lit buildings in the distance

Lit up boat windows

I think Stockholm looks its best at night. Boats are decorated in lights and the buildings look cosy inside. It’s really beautiful and definitely makes the darkness feel more bearable.

Taped off tables
Covid-19 restrictions at Max
Bottle of hand sanitiser
Hand sanitiser
Police on bikes

Blue and yellow lights

Headlights shining on person

Dark streets with no lights
Strömavbrott / Powercut

We had our first powercut a couple of weeks ago. It was a pretty large one and the mobile data network went down for a little while too. Luckily we were well stocked with candles! The streets were eerily dark though.

Drawings on a wall
Demonstration for Chile
Street lights in fog
Guldbron / The Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge (Guldbron) opened in October! We were finally able to stand on it after months of construction. Slussen was tangle of pedestrains, cyclists, scooters and buses but this bridge makes everything feel more orderly. Plus the gold lights look snazzy at night.

Strip of yellow lights
Guldbron / The Golden Bridge
Gorilla sitting at table
Monkeying around

Planet Health Warning sticker

Woman stood at door with book
Waiting for the library to open
Concrete lion bollard
Concrete lioness

I’m looking forward to seeing how the city changes over the next couple of months. Hopefully there will be lots of nice Christmas lights and some snow! Keep your fingers crossed.

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