Yellow leaves against grey skies

Around Stockholm, October 2021

October was the month of dogs in coats, low sun, Halloween pumpkins, coughs and sneezes, string lights on balconies, colourful leaves and sunsets, clothing reflectors and the first bottles of Julmust on supermarket shelves.

Bike parked outside old shop
Gamla Stan i Höst / Old Town in Autumn
Orange leaves on trees
Höst / Autumn

I love the shift at this time of year. The streets turn fiery and the archipelago shorelines are a mishmash of colours. Everything looks warm and golden in the sun, despite the fact you can see your breath in the air.

Bouquets of pink tulips
Tulpaner / tulips
People walking through archway
Gamla Stan

Yellow leaves in the sun

People in gallery
Stig Lindberg exhibition, Millesgården
Sculpture silhouettes against sky
Millesgården sculpture park
Fish on platter
Smörgåstårta / sandwich cake

Smörgåstårta is a layered cake made from fish or meat, bread, mayonnaise, cream cheese, cucumber and gherkins, with ganishes like roe or caviar, herbs and lemon. A cold cake made from fish… I’m curious and intimidated at the same time.

Big dog sat on bench

I’m still on a mission to photograph all the best dogs in Stockholm!

Pink and blue sky
Solnedgång / sunset
Ferry terminal sign
Till Finland! / To Finland

"FALK" sign on tower

Row of colourful buildings
People queueing on bikes
Rush hour
Einár in newspaper cover
Einár mörda / Einár murder

Chocolate cake on table
Svenska kakor / Swedish cakes

Rosendals cake table was a welcome sight. When the pandemic took hold, it was replaced with individually wrapped cakes and biscuits to reduce the spread of infection. Many months later, the candle lit cake table is back in action! I had a piece of the kladdkaka with cream and Scott had lemon almond cake.

Road in the air

I don’t think the novelty of seeing a road in the air will wear off anytime soon. Stockholm is a group of islands and while there are lots of bridges, not all of them do this. Some of them are raised to allow large boats or those will tall masts, to pass underneath.

Shadows of people walking
Höstsol / Autumn sun
Yellow leaves against grey skies
Höstfärger / Autumn colours
Face on butternut squash

Yellow leaves under streetlight

Dense fog rolled in off the water on Halloween. I looked out of the window and saw it blowing through the street lights like smoke. Not wanting to miss out on a photo opportunity, we ventured down the sea from with our cameras. This old crane looked pretty spectacular.

Old crane in the fog

That’s all for October!

2 comments on “Around Stockholm, October 2021

  1. This is so lovely, Gemma! So similar and yet so different to Oslo, which we know very well. Have a lovely adventstid with lots of glögg and lussebuller!
    All the best
    Stephanie and Jerome

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks so much. I love Oslo… we spent three weeks there a couple of years ago before venturing up to Lofoten. And I agree there are lots of similarities between the two places. Glad adventstid to you both… and skål from Sweden when you have some glögg 🙂

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