Legs wearing stockings

Around Stockholm, October 2022

October was a beautiful month. A wave of sleepiness crept in as the trees changed colour and the days grew steadily darker. Ornamental cabbages made a comeback, the sun hung low, leaves covered pavements, cinnamon buns were piled high on 4th October, people started wearing scarves and dogs were back in their LED collars.

Rain falling in street

We got caught out in the rain and the drops were so large, they looked more like snow. I’m eager for the snow to arrive now Summer is definitely over!

Woman standing under umbrella

Loppis life continues even in the rain.

Row of cyclists

Legs wearing stockings

Dog sitting in doorway
Porslinspapegojan, Södermalm
Roads from above

Man reading a book

Fish Soup sign
Fish soup 129:-
Man dancing in street
Stockholm Krishnas

I’m not religious but if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m always happy to see this group of Krishnas in Stockholm. They bring lots of joy to the streets with their music and dancing — I love the energy of the man at the front.

Man dancing
Stockholm Krishnas
Group of men singing
Stockholm Krishnas
Kids in cargo bike
Lådcykel / cargo bike

Girls sitting on ledge

Piano in a park
Parkoperan / The Park Opera

Parkoperan is a street piano under a tiny shelter in a park. I’m not sure how long this has been at Tanto but we don’t remember seeing it there before.

Cyclists on bridge
Cyklister på en bro / cyclists on a bridge

There was a constant stream of cyclists as far as I could see across this bridge. It’s amazing to see so many people commuting by bike — which feels easier and safer when you live somewhere that has invested in good cycle infrastructure. After a few near misses cycling to work in the UK, I’ll never take our cycle lanes here for granted.

Row of apartment buildings

Man holding sign
Anti-racism protest, Stockholm

We saw this anti-racism and anti-fascism protest (Stockholm för Solidaritet) organised by several non-profit organisations, in response to right and far right election campaigns.

Child holding protest sign
Climate protest, Stockholm
Greenpeace banner
Climate protest, Medis
Glove on fence
Förlorad handske/ lost glove
Yellow leaves on trees
Höst / Autumn
Cat sign on building
Man sitting with dog
Bästa kompisar / best friends

This man and his dog admiring the view together made me smile. And that’s all for October!

4 comments on “Around Stockholm, October 2022

  1. Beautiful, Thank you!! I missed your posts!
    what are the Ornamental cabbages?

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Marta, it’s nice that you’re still reading my blog 🙂 Ornamental cabbages are pretty much the only thing that will grow outside during the Winter — they just thick and colourful, non-edible cabbages 😂

  2. love, love, love the photo of the girls sat down

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Cerys! Had to be a bit stealth so they didn’t see me and sit differently.

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