Concrete lion statue

Around Stockholm, September 2020

The city came alive again during September. More people, more traffic, more shops are open and best of all… there are more sausage dogs roaming the streets. My game of sausage watch (which could be mistaken for another activity by those not in the know) can finally be resumed. This is what city life looked like during September…

Man with sausage dog

Paths through lines of trees

Lady walking along street

Road next to construction
Construction along Stadsgårdshamnen
People sat on step
“Hunger strike for survival”

These people were on day 1 of a hunger strike for climate action, as part of Extinction Rebellion.

Lettering in pavement

Groups of people
Sergels Torg
Groups of people walking
Sergels Torg
Figure drawn on the ground
Doing crime
Lady looking at DVDs
Weekend loppis
Lady carrying big bag of cans
PANT collector

PANT is Sweden’s recycling scheme for cans and PET bottles. They can be taken to collection points, usually in supermarkets, put into a machine and exchanged for a voucher to spend. Each PANT can or bottle is worth 10-20p depending on size. I found an article which says 82.5% of PET bottles were recycled in 2016 (compared to just 50% in the UK).

People carrying big bags of cans and bottles is a common sight in Stockholm but this lady was carrying the biggest bag I’ve ever seen!

Mongolian language protest, Stockholm
Save Mongolian language demonstration
Moomn figurines
Moomin collection

Pair of women

I took this photo because the woman on the left had interesting style. When I started sorting through my photos later on, I noticed the lampshade on the right. I cannot work out what is going on but I laugh every time I look at it floating in mid air… it’s definitely not a hat.

Sticker on lamp post
Support your Local Ecosystem
Concrete lion statue
Stone lions at Gamla Stan

Stone lions and lionesses started appearing around central Stockholm in 1995, but more were added after a terrorist attack on Drottninggatan in 2017. The city decided to use them as a way protect people from cars and trucks in busy pedestrian areas. Animals are much nicer to look at than regular concrete blocks and they always looks so proud. It’s also an animal that appears in Sweden’s coat of arms.

Black Lives Matter sign on window

Ferry dock

Creepy building at night

Spotted this creepy building on a night walk last week. Add a bit of fog and it’d be the perfect set for a horror film.

Fluffy dog looking at the camera

Train tracks

Crow sat on front of scooter
Crow mobile
Handwritten Covid 19 advice
Covid-19 precautions
People standing at giant chess board
City chess board

I’m pretty sure those two on the left were pulling a sneaky and looking up chess strategies.

Archway with clock

People reading in cafe
Accidental reading club
Gloves on a string line
Gloves at a loppis

And that’s all for September!

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