Waters edge in snow

Around Stockolm, March 2021

March was the month of frozen water, sporadic snowfall, colourful feathers for Easter, warm sun, a handful of coat free days, anti-vax protests (not us), pockets of coarse grit on pavements and tiny purple flowers called blåsippa.

Snow at night
Södermalm at night

Blue ice on water

I’m amazed the water stayed frozen for most of the month. We had a few thawed days but it didn’t take long for the ice to return.

People in tunnel

Slabs of ice on water
View from Västerbron
Woman waiting for a boat
Stockholm Archipelago
Curved wooden seats
Lunch in the sun
People queueing for hotdogs
Everyone loves sausage / allihop älskar korv
Catkin buds

Women sat by the water

Not much deters people living in Nordic countries from sitting outside during Winter. Some sit and have fika, others cook hotdogs on one of the many grills dotted around parks and water spots. Doesn’t matter if everything is frozen solid, just wrap up well.

Kid spray painting with parent
Little dude at Tanto graffiti wall
Swim steps into frozen water
Frozen wild swimming spot

We stumbled across a small sandy beach with these wooden jetties. The ice was a couple of inches thick but it’ll be a great swim spot in a few weeks time. I say that but plenty of people ice bathe.

Frozen ice around jetty

People sat outside
A warmer day
Blue and pink flowers
Spring colour / vår färg
Colourful feathers

These feathers on sticks are an Easter decoration called Påskris. You see them everywhere in March — for sale in shops, poked into pots and tied to trees.

Fence silhouette
Dark clouds over water
Calm before the storm

These two photos show the difference a few days make. We went out to take photos in the blizzard and only lasted fifteen minutes. The cold wind whipping off the water made my face burn. And I ended up hands like a pair of ham hocks because I forgot to take gloves.

Waters edge in snow
Late March blizzard

I don’t have much else to document about the city during March. The month flew by and I really can’t remember a great deal beyond the ice! But I’m pleased with this set of photos, so that’s something.

2 comments on “Around Stockolm, March 2021

  1. Ah I love the contrast of Spring colours with the March blizzard all in one month!
    Love keeping up with how you are getting on – and your exploring.
    Miss you guys x

    • Gemma Evans

      I feel like I wake up and never quite know what we’re going to get at the moment. Nice to see more colour in nature though. Miss you too. xxx

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