Snow covered thyme

At last! Snow!

Tuesday morning was a good morning. The alarm went off at bleary eyed o’clock and after staying in bed for an extra 20 minutes Scott got up whilst I laid there like a seal pup. He looked out the window and because the Beeb have been threatening snow for a while, I half jokingly said “has it snowed?”. He turned to me and said “has it snowed!?!” with wide eyes and I knew! It had finally bloody snowed!!

Snow covered back garden

I don’t know about anyone else but I struggle to walk on freshly fallen snow. I like how clean and neat it makes everything look and once you’ve messed it up by there’s no going back. So to begin with I walked around the edge of back garden taking photos so I didn’t step on the path (OCD?). Here’s what I found…

Snow on green crocus shoots
Crocus shoots

The blackbird spent quite a bit of time in our garden that day, mostly just sitting and watching.

Blackbird on snowy shed roof
Male blackbird

I don’t know whether garlic likes being snowed on or not…

Garlic shoots in the snow
Garlic shoots
Snow covered hydrangea heads
Snow capped hydrangea heads

The hydrangea heads did a good job of catching most of the snow; very little landed on the green buds. I can see why you’re not supposed to take the heads off yet. I’ve been covering it on frosty nights but had no idea an inch of snow would be dumped on top during Monday night.

Snow covered hydrangea heads
Snow capped hydrangea head

The robin came to visit. He’s normally wary of any movement but that day he landed on the fence above my head when I was putting meal worms out. A female robin was poking around that day too.

Robin perched on snowy fence

He’s got the hang of the feeder now. I’ve been watching him and he lands but keeps flapping his wings, making it difficult to pick up seed. Gradually he’s been flapping less each time and now he feeds like the rest of the birds. I think this could be the robin with the inured wing we looked after in the Summer. We were worried he’d die so we’re happy to see him.

Robin on bird feeder
Thyme plant covered in snow

I was taking photos in the front garden and our blackbird landed right in front of me on the wall. He’s getting brave.

Blackbird on snowy wall
Male blackbird

And last of all, these are bright green Hebe Sapphire leaves poking through the snow.

Bright green shrub leaves in snow
Hebe Sapphire

Snow covered trees

After a week of snow envy on Instagram we finally had some of our own. Hooray! I would have liked to have ventured out to the fields but I needed to get one with some work. I’m happy I managed to get a few garden snaps though.

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17 comments on “At last! Snow!

  1. how exciting!!! you finally got snow. i love the contrast of everything white with hints of green. and like you, i have ocd that way about snow as well. xx

    • Me too, especially when you see bright red berries poking through. Glad I’m not the only one with snow OCD 🙂

  2. it all looks so pretty, especially with a Robin amongst it all

  3. The blackbird and robin have found an oasis in your garden! I’ve been terribly excited about the snow too – just wish it would stick and stay a bit longer. Beautiful captures of the snow, shoots and birds in your garden.

    • I wish it did too – woke up to snow again this morning but it had all melted within a few hours.

  4. Yay! SNOWWWWW!
    There’s something about a robin in the snow isn’t there? Perfect.

    I know what you mean about not wanting to step on freshly fallen snow, I get the same – when are they finally going to invent hover-boards that’s what I want to know…

    Good to see hydrangeas are still looking lovely- ever changing beauty.

    You know what this cold weather demands? Cheese on toast with a side order of caramelized onion relish #justsayin

    That reminds me- I found a new syrup sponge recipe – will tweet it you now! Thanks for joining in again Gemma xx

    • A hover board to avoid treading on snow – now THAT’S an idea! That syrup sponge recipe looks amazing. I’m going to be the size of a house soon if I keep stuffing my face with syrupy sponge. I’ll be fat but oh so happy.

  5. Very pretty! It looks so pretty when covered in white. I am same with the footsteps, it seems such a shame to walk on something so perfect.
    For the garlic I heard it needs frost to make it bigger not sure if that is true!

    • If that’s true our garlic will be huge. Two lots of snow and three hard frosts. Might have a record breaker on my hands…

  6. I know what you mean about freshly fallen snow. Although I can never stop myself from stepping in it eventually-just too tempting to be the first!

    • Haha! Once someone else has ‘ruined’ the snow I feel much better are stepping in it.

  7. Ahh these are gorgeous, snow makes everything look fabulous.
    That robin is adorable

  8. Everything looks so pretty! And the black bird thinks so too! We really have no snow here and I have been forever wishing for wee bit but no luck yet. #hdygg

  9. It does look pretty and you’re right there’s no going back once it’s been trodden on – but that’s fun too. We only had a dusting Tuesday morning but my usual policy is trample the fresh snow out the front and leave the back garden as long as we can. If we don’t trample the front the people at the bus stop usually can’t resist, which I resent as it’s “my” snow! #hdygg

    • That’s a good idea! We spend more time looking out at the back garden so trampling the front would make sense 🙂

  10. Yay for beautiful snow with no footprints to ruin it’s purity. I am the same but sadly the dogs are not and our snow quickly became pawed out! Lovely shots and you even got your hydrangeas in on the show, thank you.

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