Stack of long runner beans

The bean of glory

Hold on to your hair folks, I’m about to present you with the most exciting thing you will see this week! Slightly dramatic to anyone not living in our household, but still, humour me. Saturday we decided to have a roast so I went to the veg patch to pick some beans.

Picking runner beans

As always, I got carried away and ended up picking way more beans than two people can eat.

Stack of long runner beans

When I got back to the kitchen I spotted this! The Bean of Glory. Called so because it’s a whopping 16 inches long. 16 inches!!!

16" runner bean

Just in case you think I’m fibbing, here it is on a tape measure.

16" runner bean

16" runner bean on tape measure

They’ve been a good size all Summer but these were the biggest yet. And it wasn’t just the one 16 inch bean. Some were longer, some were a little shorter, but this was the straightest so we felt it deserved glory status.

It turns out the UK record for the longest bean is 34.6 inches (!) although UK champion growers regularly reach 25 inches. I’m still happy with my 16 incher. The second longest bean in the family this year was 14.5 inches. I can see this getting a bit competitive next year…

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9 comments on “The bean of glory

  1. Ha ha ha, you put my bean to shame! Must try harder next year… xxx

  2. I think you have laid down a challenge for all of us for next year!

    • We should have a competition! I think these beans being so long is a bit of a fluke rather than skill.

  3. Even though your beans just have 16 inches, but it’s still be biggest and longest been I ever seen. Wuhuuuu…So happy to see your post !!

  4. Haha, thanks TATI. I can’t bring myself to eat the bean just yet!

  5. Grandma & Grandad

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Well done Bat Man xxx

  6. All hail The Mighty Bean! *bows*

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