Wooly Innocent hats

Big Knit o’clock!

It’s that time of the year again folks – dig out your knitting needles for Innocents Big Knit 2014!

The Big Knit 2014

The Big Knit is a collaboration between Age UK and Innocent to raise money for the Spread the Warmth Campaign. To get involved, all you need to do is raid your wool stash and whip up a few miniature hats to sit on top of Innocent drinks bottles. One hat = a 25p donation.

Collection of knitted hats with smoothie bottle
My 2012 hats

The best thing about making these little hats is that you can do something you love to help other people. And because it’s for charity, it’s totally okay to neglect your chores for a few weeks whilst you do your knitting!

Knitted wooly hats for Innocent's Big Knit 2013
My 2013 hats

There are knitting patterns here – you only need two stitches to make the basic hat, knit and purl. And if you only know how to crochet, I found a crochet pattern too.

Don’t forget to stop by the hat’s amazing gallery for some inspiration.

Happy knitting!

P.S. In previous years I’ve spent hours making pompoms with two paper circles and then I learnt you can just wind the wool round your hand and tie a knot in the middle. I use two fingers slightly apart and then cut the ball down to size so it’s nice and plump rather than scraggly. Pompom making tutorial here.

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