Colourful blue tit on window feeder with fat cake

Busy bird feeder day

We woke up to snow this morning so our window feeder has been really busy. I managed to snap a few nice photos of the birds.

Normally they eat and leave within a few seconds, but the bird below sat on the feeder for a few minutes. It seemed quite happy looking at us moving round our living room.

Blue tit with bright yellow breast looking into window
Probably wishing he was indoors

This photo is a bit blurred but it makes me smile because it looks like he’s thinking ‘say whaaaaat?‘ as it peeks into our house.

Garden bird peeking into window
Cheeky peek

Later on I was photographing some sketches on the windowsill and this bird landed on the feeder right in front of me (perfect timing). The window was a bit fogged up from cooking but the photos are quite clear.

Colourful blue tit on window feeder with fat cake

Colourful blue tit eating fatcake

Blue tit eating fatcake with turned head
Nice view of feathers and colouring

I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of photographing them on this feeder!

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1 comment on “Busy bird feeder day

  1. Awwww!! When I move I’d like to get a bird feeder! This is so cute! If I put one up where I am at the moment I think it would just get stolen lol! Now I have an image of a gang of birds going around causing trouble and stealing bird feeders!

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