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Bohusleden: Day 3

Route: Romesjöns Badplats to Kronsjön
Notes: Kronsjön isn’t listed on Google Maps but is on other map apps like Organic Maps (we love this one).

Our day began with hot tea in the leaky shelter. The ground was still completely waterlogged and our socks were still damp, despite the fact they’d spent all night hanging on a line inside the shelter.

Golden tea in mugs

Woman standing inside wooden shelter

A man who lived nearby was concerned about water quality and cycled down to offer us water refills at his house — heavy rain had washed goose poo into the lake overnight. Luckily we had some filtered water to get us through breakfast but we took him up on his kind offer.

We packed up our gear, said goodbye to our adventure buddies and set off for another day on the trails. The sky was dry all day but the bowels of the forest were still waterlogged. Which of course meant the mosquitos were out in full force!! They were big too!

Moss covering forest floor

Narrow forest path

Dalens Hembygdsgård was one of our water refill points but we ended up stopping for an early lunch because it was such a beautiful place. There were benches, a water well and a composting toilet.

Swedish flag on the front of a wooden house
Dalens hembygdsgård
Sink inside a wooden building
Dalens hembygdsgård, toalett
Composting toilet
Dalens hembygdsgård, toalett
Pitched porch over a door
Hokebols Huset
Hand painted, wooden Dalen sign

Man pumping water from a well

Moss covered forests felt like troll country and stretched as far as we could see for most of the day.

Sun shining on moss

Woman sitting on cut tree stump

These clearings appear once in a while, and are the perfect place to take a largely mosquito free break. A good opportunity to finish up some chocolate from a friend in Australia — we had every intention of making it last longer than 3 days, but failed.

Stream flowing through banks of moss

Moss on steep forest path

Small house made of stone

This is a hillside cabin (Räveklämman) that belonged to Långevattens home. Home to Susanne and Elias with their two children, Alfred and Matilda. Built with stone and 8m2, with a 6m2 basement. I can’t imagine what life was like there during Winter.

View of lake through trees

We ended up adjusting our route and stopping 2km early. I had some pain that was zapping my energy and rain was forecast at 6pm, so we really wanted to have the tent up by then! I’m so glad we stopped when we did because we found an amazing spot at Kronsjön. A serene lake that turned out to be one of my favourite spots from the whole hike.

Tent pitched next to a lake

Wooden wind shelter
Kronsjön vindskydd

Bag covers hung up in shelter

Socks strung up on washing line
Socks still damp from the day before

We had the place to ourselves for a while; just enough time for a naked dip in the water. Another four hikers arrived not long afterwards. One pair set up in the wind shelter and the other tied a tarp to the trees and rolled out some mats underneath.

Man sat looking out over lake

Rocks on lake shore

View over still lake

Sunset view out of tent

We sat in the last patch of warm sun until it disappeared, cleared up our dinner items and cosied up in the tent. A quick peek to see how the sky looked (above) and then we were well and truly ready to sleep. Read day 4.

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