Old metal key in lock

A peek inside Château du Rouët’s Grande Maison

Old French house
“Le Grande Maison”, Château du Rouët

This beautiful nineteenth-century house is part of a hamlet at Château du Rouët — a French vineyard surrounded by cork-oak forests. We spent a few days here celebrating the marriage of our friends, enjoying the scenery and drinking fantastic wine. The house above (Le Grande Maison) is where we stayed and there were so many lovely details. For starters, how amazing are these tiled staires?

Tiled staires

Painted swallows
Swallow ceiling mural

Interior and exterior ceilings were covered in hand painted murals. The rooms were huge so I can’t even begin to imagine how long each one would have taken. Our plain white ceilings at home look a bit average in comparison.

Painted leaves on ceiling
Ceiling mural
Painted floral mural
Ceiling mural

Patterned floor tiles

Linen tea towels
Linen tea towels in the kitchen

Engraved pattern on wood

Old metal key in lock

Painted wooden door

I always get obsessed with photographing something particular on each trip and this time it was painted doors and door knobs. How many photos of door knobs does one need? Well, quite a lot as it turns out!

Cross stitch table runner
Cross stitch table runner

Terracotta pot

Dried honesty pods
Dried Honesty pods

These Honesty pods shimmered in slivers of light creeping through the shutters. I hadn’t thought of bringing them indoors as decoration but I’m going to keep an eye out for some growing around here.

Light on window

The photo above is one of my favourites from the whole trip, I love the mood and light. I struggled with balancing exposure on this one but tinkering with my settings paid off.

Rain on window

I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of this amazing house! I didn’t take many photos of the actual rooms because there were suitcases and boxes everywhere but there are some in this gallery. I’ll share photos of the grounds in another post soon.

4 comments on “A peek inside Château du Rouët’s Grande Maison

  1. Beautiful Gemma, the photo of the window and drapes is definitely exceptional ❤️🥂xx

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you! I said at the time, you’d have loved all the heavy furniture in there 😂

  2. Thanks for these photos! We stayed at the Chateau in 2002 with our teenage kids and I loved it! We had reserved La Reserve but there was a snafu so they had a stay in La Grande Maison. What a treat! We especially enjoyed cooking and eating in the amazing country kitchen.

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