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Colour me Sunday

The sun was so warm on Sunday it felt like Spring! The plants looked like they were drinking up every last drop of sunshine. Although in the shade it was still very much Winter and a reminder that I mustn’t get carried away and plant lots of seeds yet.

Green lithodora leaves in the sun

Scott’s Mum gave us three crocosmia bulbs last year and said they would spread. They flowered, went to seed and now we have about ten sprouting up. The slugs had a good munch on the young shoots but thankfully didn’t eat all of them.

Crocosmia shoots in the sun
Crocosmia shoots

I planted some leftover crocus bulbs along the garden path. If you look closely you can see petals on the one on the right. I’ve never planted crocus before so I’m looking forward to seeing them to flower!

Crocus shoots in the sun
Crocus shoots
English lavender in the sun
English lavender

I love seeing these Hebe leaves in the sun. This shrub has stayed so green and healthy looking all Winter, it’s one of my favourite plants in the front. It won’t flower for another four months or so yet but it’ll be worth the wait.

Green Hebe in the sun
Hebe Sapphire

I attempted to prune the rose bush like a pro this year. After watching several YouTube videos I declared myself an ‘amateur expert’ and went outside wielding a pair of secateurs. But just like last year, all I really managed was head scratching. I just can’t figure out which bits to cut! Saying that, I did take a few bits off but I think it was more of a tickle than a good hair cut.

Small red, rose leaves
Rose shoots
Daffodil shoots in the sun
Daffodil bulbs

Indoors, our windowsill herbs have been reaching out for some sun. It’s a miracle they germinated in such a cold, drafty place.

Herbs on sunny windowsill
Windowsill herbs

Daffodils in the sun

The beautiful weather on Sunday made me realise I needed to get my butt into gear and finally order some seeds. I bought: Painted Lady sweet peas (scented), sweetcorn, French dwarf beans, Cosmos and Papaver Nudicaule (orange, yellow and cream poppies). The compost should arrive just in time for our February sowings. Yippeeee! Bit of a change from the snow last week!

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20 comments on “Colour me Sunday

  1. So much just about to happen, we have a few crocus bulbs with a hint of petal, such a tease!
    I would a rose bush, but the care and whatnot totally puts me off, I’m a hacker not a pruner and would most likely destroy them

  2. what a beautifully green post this is Gemma. i love seeing the beginning signs of spring and new life

  3. This has reminded me of my grand plans to buy some David Austin roses this year. I really should google to find out when’s the best time to plant them so I don’t get disappointed in getting round to it only to discover it’s too late in the day.
    Mission for this week- order seeds! Private Spratt reporting for planting duty SIR!
    I love these shots – and the lavender makes me smile as it’s my favourite thing in my garden. I planted a row of them last year outside the lounge window in a border, bargain end of season ones, and they finally look to be plumping out (as am I with all this Twitter food taunting young lady!)
    Hopefully it’ll get warmer soon and then we can make plans for our IOW day out!

    Thanks for joining in again pickle (and cheese on sourdough toast *mwhaha*)

    • Moi!?! It takes two to Twitter taunt my friend 😉 *mutters raspberry bakewell under breath*. Lavender is one of my favourites too. Ours are still fairly small as they’ve only been in the ground a few months, I’m hoping we get more flowers this year. The ones I bought were misshapen ones on eBay – a bargain and they really didn’t look that bad in my opinion!

  4. oh i love your pictures and how you captured the light on all the different plants

  5. We had very similar weather on Sunday, it’s such a treat to not be shivering in the garden isn’t it?!
    Crocosmia is lovely, ours spreads really quickly and I’ve dug it up and given half to the neighbours a few times! And I love those poppies, lovely colours and really delicate 🙂

    • Sounds like I’ll be giving some Crocosmia to our neighbours then, we’ve only got a little patch! Yes, the poppies are lovely, I’d never seen orange ones before.

  6. I know, Sunday was glorious wasn’t it. Beautiful photo’s bursting with Spring life-love the daffodils especially 🙂

  7. I got some seeds too and cant wait to start planting! Love how green in your garden now and the sunshine is just really bright too! Cant wait for spring =) #hdygg

  8. Your herbs have done really well, and it’s lovely to see some cheery daffodils – here’s to lots more daffodils and spring flowers! # hdygg

  9. Gorgeous photos. I’m going to prune my roses this weekend – I always end up lopping lots yet they always seem to recover. Maybe I’ll watch a youtube clip first this year though! x

  10. Ah, how healthy and gorgeous everything looks in your space! Coveting those herb pots!

  11. You’ve made all the tiny shoots look gorgeous and make me want to crawl around the garden and nearby searching for similar.

  12. There do seem to be more and more signs of spring … but I am still cautious as I know we have had our coldest weather later than this in previous winters. Hopefully not this one though.

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