Sheep in a field in Cornwall

Cornwall, February 2014

We usually visit Cornwall once or twice a year because we have family there. Normally we go for the odd beach holiday or long weekend but this time we visited for a wedding! We stayed at a beautiful place called The Green, located at Netherton Farm just outside Liskeard.

Cottage at The Green
A cottage at The Green

The day after the wedding we went for a walk around the gardens but ended up venturing out into the lanes and village surrounding the farm. I wanted to share a few photos of what we discovered.

Pink Winter flowering heather
Bell heather

Lots and lots of Winter flowering heather.

White Cornish cottage

Cottages with tiny doors in a nearby village (a short walk for fresh air turned into a 5 mile walk, lucky for us we took snacks!).

Cluster of Snowdrops

LOTS of snowdrops. There were carpets of snowdrops along the edge of woodland and at the sides of country lanes.

Open snowdrop flower

Lots of mossy hills – not easy to walk up in wellies.

Cornish countryside

We upset a few sheep going through this field. When they saw us they all ran to one side, stood completely still and stared us out of the field. It was the sort of look that made you feel like if you sat down for a quick break the headline in the local paper the next day would read “Two walkers found half eaten in field.”

Sheep in a field in Cornwall

We saw lots of hydrangea bushes. I love the flower heads when they go all crispy and veiny like this.

Veiny hydrangea petals

This beautiful hand painted sign. I like the style of these painted flowers, they’re similar to the ones you see on the sides of narrow boats.

Hand painted house sign

Run down outbuildings with bright paint work.

Old roof and slate tiles

Dry stone walls covered in lichen and moss.

Yellow and white lichen growing on a wall

Fluffy moss growing on a tree

Lots of daffodils along the lanes.

Daffodil in the sun

Big patches of crocuses along the sides of the roads near peoples houses.


Things have been a little slow on the blog front lately because I’ve got a bit of RSI in my wrist and hand, so I’m trying to do less craft/computery/gardening bits. Hopefully I’ll be motoring along again soon 🙂

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16 comments on “Cornwall, February 2014

  1. oooo those pictures are wonderful! I adore that flimsy hydrangea head! lovely lovely lovely! I have never been to cornwall ever….perhaps this year will be the time to go! x

    • If you like long walks, clotted cream and/or pasties, Cornwall is a must!

  2. Beautiful pictures, I bet the wedding was idyllic.

  3. oh what a beautiful place and pictures!! the picture of the sheep is great! they really look like “hey, what are you guys doing!?” lol

  4. I love the picture of the sheep! The winter heather is gorgeous too – we don’t have much of that round here – the colour is so vibrant it’s lovely

  5. The dried hydrangeas look fantastic!

  6. What a lovely collection of images. I love the colour on the for and games of the cottage and the sheep are hilarious – possibly not for you at the time though?! Definitely agree on the hydrangeas – beautiful. Hope you’re feeling better soon x

    • Thank you. I was quite confident I could outrun a sheep if the worst came to the worst, so not too worried 😉

  7. Lovely pictures – I hope the rain held off for the wedding.

  8. I love Cornwall – so many great walks and a really lovely place to go out of season too. Beautiful images!

  9. what wonderful photos… I love all of the colours and textures and those hydrangeas are so beautiful! I love Cornwall, we’re planning our summer holiday there now and I cannot wait! x

    • Hope you have a great Summer holiday in Cornwall, it’s a beautiful place.

  10. I am actually in love with you, let’s run away to Cornwall and set up a gardeny blogging commune….

    It’s all so stunning – the hydrangea, the narrow boat sign, the whole blooming post leaves me wishing I was you and having had that week!

    Boo to the RSI- have you suffered from it before or is this a recent development?

    I love these photos so much and a huge thank you for joining in, especially when you are achey. Apologies it’s taken me a while to comment – power cuts and birthday parties here have slowed me down! x

    • Haha, only if we can eat cheese on toast every day!! The RSI is a new development, I’m mostly put out that wooly activity is painful 🙂 Glad you liked the photos!

  11. What a lovely place. Thanks for the tour!

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