Woman with covered face

Coronavirus Life in Stockholm

Documenting life indoors has been my main mission lately. For contrast, I also wanted to capture life beyond these walls. Yes these photos are the obvious changes, but they are also what daily life has become.

I noticed a supermarket employee not wearing gloves at the weekend and several weeks ago, I felt alarmed seeing the opposite. Social distancing, masks and public health warnings have become the new normal and experiencing this shift in just a few weeks is surreal.

Woman with covered face
Varying degrees of anxiety
Cashier wearing gloves
Supermarket staff wearing gloves
Face barrier
Face barriers at tills

Seagull on pedestrian crossing

The seagulls think we’ve all gone bonkers. Hilariously, this one walked from one side of the crossing to the other.

Man wearing gloves
Gloves for shopping
Man wearing face mask
Face masks in public spaces
Wash hands sign
Tvätta händerna / wash your hands
2 metre sign
2 metres regeln / 2 metre rule

Plenty of Swedish people are living cautiously. Others are living life as though we’re not in the middle of a global pandemic! It’s interesting to watch.

Group of people


Dangerous risk of infection.

Corona crisis.
Scientist: You can become immune to corona.
Nobody knows how long the effect lasts.
Henrik, 44, tested: is infectious.

Distance sticker
Floor spacing in supermarket queues

Distance measuring stickers are stuck to the floors at tills, queueing points, in shop aisles and near escalators. Signs in the street remind you to stay 2 metres apart from other people and wash your hands.

Advice sign

Call the neighbour.

Take care of each other.
Keep your distance but stay connected.

People standing apart
Conversations at a distance

Social distancing sign

Hi! Wait here when the queue is longer than 3 people. Thanks.

People on benches

Used glove on floor
Disposable gloves

Strange times we live in at the moment!

5 comments on “Coronavirus Life in Stockholm

  1. So interesting seeing life there Gemma – things have changed so much in such a short space of time it’s really hard to wrap your head round it all – especially differing attitudes.
    Loving these images ❤️

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you Annie! They really have, a total shift from this time last year. We’re riding out the wave by playing it safe and staying hunkered down. Take care of yourselves. xx


  2. Surreal is definitely the word. Seeing so many people on the pavement so close to each other makes me anxious nowadays. Of course, just over a month ago, I wouldn’t have thought anything of it. Such a crazy shift. PS Love the seagull photo!

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks Linda 🙂 I think that seagull had been waiting for the streets to go quiet so it could have the crossing all to itself. I’m with you on the change of thinking in a short space of time — I’m just seeing everything as germ or contamination potential at the moment. Stay safe! x

  3. Really interesting to see these – everything has changed so quick into a new normal! Hope you are staying safe there 🙂

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