Green and blue knitted socks on grass

Crazy Zauberball Knitted Socks

I was walking home from town and I passed a mossy brick wall and I thought to myself, ‘that colour reminds me of the Crazy Zauberball wool I bought…for the socks I never blogged about’. These poor socks had been laying in my sock draw since the beginning of the year waiting to be photographed.

Green and blue knitted socks on grass
Crazy Zauberball socks
Side view of green and blue knitted socks on grass
Side view

I bought the ‘Spring is Here (2136)‘ Crazy Zauberball yarn by Schoppel in a sale at my local knitting shop. I’d been eyeing it up but it was £10.50 a ball so I held off buying it for a while as I was planning my owl jumper. When it was reduced to half price and contained two of my favourite colours, how could I not?

Green and blue yarn on table with tag

The colours are a feast for the eyes. They’re so zingy and each coloured section is made from two colours stranded together. I think this brand and colour is the nicest sock wool I’ve ever used. The moss green is so bright and cheerful, I can see why this colourway has its name.

I decided to use a really simple pattern for these socks to show off the colour and texture of the wool. The pattern was a free Opal sock yarn pattern.

Knitted sock gusset shaping
Gusset shaping

“Houston, we have a problem!”

I have an issue with sock making. I knit from the cuff down to the toe and my toe decreases never seem to be perfectly symmetrical both sides.

Toe detail on knitted socks
Uneven toe decreases

One side is slightly higher than the other. It’s only minor but it really bothers me 🙂

Anyway, I could keep posting photos of this yummy wool all day…

Project notes

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