Orange strawflowers

Creative Countryside, Autumn

I just got back from a long weekend in Shrewsbury. My friend Annie and I drove up on Friday and spent our time tucked up in this cosy cottage or exploring the lanes around it, with the Creative Countryside gang. It was a chance to see familiar faces and meet a few new ones. I didn’t take all that many photos in the end but I wanted to share a few of my favourites.

Farmhouse at night
Cronkhill Farmhouse

The roads were rammed so our journey up there took a while. But time passes quickly when you have good company and tasty treats. I was also fortunate to be sitting in a heated car seat — first class comfort all the way!

Pale labrador
Dried pink flowers
Flowers for calendars
Orange strawflowers

The dining room was the busiest area of the house. It was a space for sharing all our meals and holding workshops.

People in old cottage

Tattooed hands

Open field

Woman holding leaf
Hanna Varga (Ashleaf)

The first morning, Annie and I got up early and left the house before sunrise. Mist was forecast for the day after so we were keen to scout out good photo locations. Early starts are not one of my strong points but exploring makes leaving a warm duvet behind, slightly easier.

Blue and orange sky
Blue and orange sky over field
Building pillars through window
Cronkhill Farmhouse
Autumn table setting
Autumn table setting

This was the seasonal table setting for dinner on the last night. If you’ve ever met me in real life, you’ll know I love to eat. Food is one of my favourite parts of these gatherings — I always come away thinking “I must cook that at home”. The meals were all vegetarian or vegan and it was nice to sit down and eat with people who have similar attitudes to food.

Autumnal table setting
Autumn table setting

People in lanes

Unfortunately there was no mist the next morning but we enjoyed getting out with our cameras anyway. The sun came out later on and took the edge off the cold for the rest of our outdoor adventures. This was the sunny view from my bedroom window.

Rural view through window
Cronkhill Farmhouse
People sat at table
Best dressed breakfast table

Dripping beeswax candle

Woman drawing
Annie Spratt

As always, the weekend was over too quickly. It was a good reminder to slow down and focus on things that make me feel happy and fulfilled.

2 comments on “Creative Countryside, Autumn

  1. Beautiful photos as always! I particularly like the vertical sunrise. These gatherings always look wonderful and therapeutic.

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you Jennifer 🙂 It was nice to disconnect for a few days, I came home feeling very relaxed!

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