People making books

Creative Countryside, Winter

I spent last weekend in Bratoft (Skegness) for the Creative Countryside Winter gathering. We hunkered down in a fancy pants Georgian house, made books and zines, experimented with free writing, spent time outdoors and ate plenty of comfort food.

Table in front of window

Lamp next to armchair

Woman next to lamp

I tend to shy away from photographing people but I came back with quite a few portraits this time.

Farmhouse at dawn
Bratoft at dawn
Blue and orange sunrise

A couple of us rose early to go for a walk before breakfast. As you can see, it was absolutely worth it! I haven’t seen a sky this vivid for a while.

Orange sunrise
Breakfast table
Pancakes for breakfast

Pancakes topped with oranges cooked in maple syrup and spices for breakfast. I poured more maple syrup on top before realising the oranges had already been cooked in it. Oops.

Book in hand
Handmade journal
People making books
Journal making workshop

We made journals. I don’t want to ruin mine with scratchy handwriting so I’ll use it as a sketchbook instead. It’s not something I do a great deal of anymore but I found my nature sketches from last year and realised I should flex that muscle before I forget how.

Hands holding book
Glueing the spine
Woman making book
Glueing the spine
Hands writing calligraphy
Woman writing
Jess from House of Flint

Annie and I ventured out to photograph snowdrops — there were some in the garden and more down the road in a graveyard. I came away with so many photos and then cursed myself when it was time to sort through them all! I over-photograph something every time I go away; I never learn.

Cluster of snowdrops
Snowdrop stem

Woman taking photo

Back at the house, the others were having a break before lunch. Someone was working on this amazing embroidery…

Embroidery hoop

Woman reading

That night, we feasted on Indian food, drank gin (with blood orange Cointreau and orange tonic) and laughed until our faces hurt. I went to bed very happy indeed.

We exchanged goodbyes after a veggie cooked breakfast on Sunday morning. Me, Annie and Melanie couldn’t find the entrance to Peterborough station carpark and then couldn’t find our way out again. I was starting to think I’d grow old in there but we got lucky eventually.

Now I just need to plough through the rest of the snowdrop photos… erk.

6 comments on “Creative Countryside, Winter

  1. Tina Evans

    Looks like glamping, fantastic photography as usual ❤️

  2. This is such a lovely post. Sounds like a wonderful time✨.

  3. It was so utterly wonderful to spend another treasured weekend with you lovely. and what beautiful reminders of the time you’ve captured, thanks so much for sharing. xx

    • Gemma Evans

      And you too! It’s always a joy to see you 🙂 Hopefully it won’t be too long until the next time. xx

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