Multicoloured hexagon blanket

Crochet hexagon blanket

Multicoloured hexagon blanket

Made from a blend of cashmere and merino wool, this blanket is a Garner heirloom!

Coloured crochet hexagons

I’m not usually one for bright colours, but I do love retro patterns. I managed to find enough Cashmerino shades to create a muted colour scheme.


  • Wool: ‘Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino’ 036, 020, 001, 003, 002, 202, 032, 013, 202, 011, 601, 001, 25, 036, 037, 13, 017, 101, 047.
  • Project duration: 16 weeks.
  • Pattern: Hexagon by Attic24

2 comments on “Crochet hexagon blanket

  1. i love this blanket! it’s amazing, the colours make it look both bright and warm/wintery. how did you come to this colour distribution? is there any repetition in it? did you make a scheme in advance or worked randomly and put the hexagons together nicely after making them?

  2. Thank you Astrid! I just bought a range of colours I liked and tried to make sure I had a good mix of light and dark – and that’s about as far as my planning went. I joined the hexagons as I went and my only rule was to try and avoid too many of the same colours next to eachother. I think there are a few repeating colour schemes but there are so many combinations based on the colours I bought 🙂

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