Sun shining on crocus

Crocus mania

I walked past the same crocus patch most days last week, waiting for the sun to make an appearance so I could take some photos. But good light is all about timing. When it came to the crunch, the weather was dreary, the sun was in the wrong place, there weren’t enough flowers or they had been trampled. That patch turned into a muddy mess so I gave up on the idea. Then I stumbled across these…

Sun shining on crocus

Patch of crocus

Crocus centre

Sunlight on petals

Closed flower buds

Closeup of crocus

Fallen crocus

Sun on purple petals

Leaning crocus

Patience paid off, I’m really pleased with these photos.

10 comments on “Crocus mania

  1. These shots are stunning, Gemma! I haven’t seen any crocus’s in bloom yet up here, but this is making me excited for when they do appear!
    xo April | April Everyday

    • Gemma Evans

      Thanks April! This patch of crocus was an accidental discovery, hidden next to a pond. Probably why they were still standing!

  2. Tina Evans

    beautiful, spring is in the air x

  3. I love them all, but especially the unopened buds. They hold such promise!

    • Gemma Evans

      That’s very true — although I love seeing those bright orange centres finally shine through.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I’m so jealous! We’re still about a month away from crocuses.

    • Gemma Evans

      Thank you! We are normally ahead with the crocus and behind in the daffodils…

  5. Gorgeous! You’ve captured their cheerful essence well.

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