Sun on crocus

Crocus patch

Every year, I photograph the same crocus patch in our village. Spindly purple buds wriggle up through the soil and survive footsteps of curious dogs and children… but they had snow to contend with this time around. I thought that would lay them to rest but they survived and opened last week. Hooray!

Cluster of crocus

Sun on crocus

Orange crocus stamens

Single crocus flower

Purple flowers from above

Closeup of petals

Cluster of closed crocus

Most of them are now a floppy, squashed mess so I’m glad I went when I did. Spring is just around the corner!

3 comments on “Crocus patch

  1. Tina Evans

    Beautiful 💐

  2. So pretty 💕

  3. They are so pretty, gorgeous photos. Spring is definitely coming, hooray!

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