Sunrise over fields

Cycle commute with a view

Back in October I started cycling to work. We are really lucky to live where we do because we are surrounded by countryside and nearly all of the journey is on scenic back roads. My commute on Monday morning was the best yet. It was very cold (just the way I like it!) and the sun was just starting to break through the fog.

Mist hanging over fields
Beginning of the journey

The half way point of my commute can go one of two ways. The best scenario is it’s dry and I can bomb it down the lane and enjoy the view. The second scenario is much more common and it involves navigating my arch nemesis, ‘the quadmire’. It looks harmless enough but it’s deceptively deep.

Big puddle on country road

The quagmire is too deep to cycle through and the edges are like quicksand. My very first attempt resulted in the pedals going under water and very wet pants and shoes.

Once I’d navigated the quagmire the fog was starting to clear and I was high enough to see some amazing views.

Sun rising over fields

Sunrise over countryside

Seeing this helped me forget that my legs were burning and reminded why I started cycling to work. I’m starting to get fitter and each hill is becoming that little bit easier. I hope we get more cold, bright weather like this and I’m looking forward to the day I’m fit enough to concentrate on the views rather than the road.

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2 comments on “Cycle commute with a view

  1. Beautiful Gemma, it reminds me of my evening run, also lanes of mud and water that covers deceptive pot holes.
    Ahhhh, lovely lovely photos x

  2. just gorgeous! makes me pine for the countryside where i grew up! great to find you x

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