Vase of summery flowers

Summer flowers

I came home one evening last week to a lovely big bunch of flowers from Debenhams. I’ve been picking handfuls of cornflowers, sweet peas and cosmos from the garden for a few weeks but we’ve not had anything this grand on our coffee table for a while. A little jar wasn’t going to cut it, I had to dig out a proper vase!

Flowers in green wrapping

My flowers were wrapped in Summery green matt plastic with tufts of fountain grass and stock flowers poking out of the top.

Wrapped bouquet on table

The bottom of the stems were wrapped up in this clever white bag. It’s thick and squishy and holds enough moisture to stop the flowers drying out. They were delivered at lunchtime and the bag was still wet when I got home at 7pm.

Wet bag for flowers
Gel bag for freshness

And here they are fully unwrapped! Beautiful! They really brightened up our living room – which was nice because we don’t get any direct sunlight in there.

Vase of flowers on table
Summer Meadow Bouquet

These roses are gorgeous. Large flower heads with thick, velvety petals. The colour wasn’t quite what I was expecting; the Debenhams website says peach but they look quite yellow in the sales photo (I love yellow roses). Only a small thing and if someone had sent them to me as a surprise gift I wouldn’t have known any different anyway!

Closeup of peach rose
Peach Avalanche Rose

Stocks were the only scented flowers in this bouquet. They smell delicate up close but after a couple of hours of being unwrapped the room smelt nice and fresh.

Closeup of pink stocks
Pink stocks

Fountain grass is something I’ve never seen before and it reminds me of the long grass in the fields and meadows where we live.

Fountain grass in vase
Fountain Grass

My flowers lasted for six days in total, which falls one day short of their Flower Freshness Guarantee – “fresh for at least seven days of your money back”.

Closeup of Summer bouquet
Summer Meadow Bouquet (standard size)

I didn’t realise Debenhams sold flowers so I’m glad they got in touch with me, I was really pleased with my Summer Meadows flowers. The colours were fresh and light, just what you want at this time of year. Their flower range includes flowers delivered, luxury flowers and next day flowers. Quite a few have free chocolates too, wooooo!

Treat yourself (or someone nice)

I have a gift for you! Get a generous 25% off their flower range (excluding flowers by post) with the Debenhams Flowers discount code DFBLOG25. Enjoy. x

Debenhams Flowers kindly sent me a complimentary bouquet of my choice from the Summer range in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and photography are my own.

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5 comments on “Summer flowers

  1. I did not realise Debenhams sold flowers, they look beautiful when my current bouquet fades I will make the most of the special offer and give them a try ?

    • I saw a few bunches and thought to myself ‘Tina would like those’. Better order some with chocolates though so Graham doesn’t feel left out!

  2. Ah they are lovely Gemma!

  3. They’re beautiful Gemma – and I actually prefer the peach colour roses. Good to know too that you can order some lovely flowers from Debenhams.

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