Wooden plant markers

Carved wooden plant markers

When I’m cooking dinner I often ask Scott to nip out to the back garden and grab a handful of fresh herbs for me. To help him remember what’s what I made a few wooden plant markers. They are super simple, rustic and natural!

Plant marker in marjoram

What you need

  • Twigs (0.5-1cm thick)
  • Craft knife
  • Fine permanent marker pen

How to make wooden plant markers

1. Collect sticks

I normally collect mine from the lanes where I live. You want sticks that are fairly straight so you can carve the top and write on them easily.

Handful of sticks

2. Snaps sticks to length

Snap your sticks into the required length – bear in mind you’ll poke 2-3 cm into the ground. Most of mine are around 15cm tall but you can make them taller or shorter if you wish.

3. Carve an area to write on

Decide which end you want to use for the top of the marker. Use a craft knife to shave off the bark and a few thin layers of wood. If your knife is sharp it will be easy. Keep shaving wood off until you have a nice flat surface to write on. Always slice away from yourself! I don’t want anyone making extra holes in themselves!

Slicing wood with knife

Shaping wood with knife

4. Carve a point

Carve a point on the other end to poke into the ground. This step is optional but makes it easier for the marker to get through the soil, especially if it’s a bit compacted.

Sharpened end of wood

Stacked plant markers

5. Write on your plant marker

Using a permanent marker pen, write on the flat area you carved in step 3.

Writing on wooden marker

6. Plant your markers!

Use the markers for your herb garden, to remind you what you’ve planted where and for pots of seedlings. If you make a mistake or want to change the name on the marker just shave off the bark you’ve written on. Easy.

Plant markers in herbs

I made a couple last year and they still look good enough to reuse. They’re better than plastic ones in my opinion because they are a bit more discreet. Plus it doesn’t matter if you forget to take them up at the end of the growing year because they are biodegradable.

Plant marker in garden pot

If you make any of these markers, leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

6 comments on “Carved wooden plant markers

  1. These are the best plant markers I have ever seen they look fantastic, so natural, they blend in perfectly with the foliage but you can see the names of the plants quite easily. Really great idea ?

  2. These look great! I used to have all the kids in the street collecting lolly sticks for my markers. I still keep finding bundles of them in old boxes and drawers even after moving house!

    • Haha, that’s a good idea. I thought about collecting lolly sticks but decided I’d be really fat but the time I’d got the amount of sticks we needed.

  3. So simple but effective, am definitely trying this one ?

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